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標題: 從互文性的觀點探究世說新語對各類文本的構成影響及其所反映的文化意涵
A Study of the Influence over the Works Brought out by Shi Shuo Xin Yu-Based on the Perspective of Intertexuality
作者: 尤雅姿
關鍵字: 基礎研究
Shi Shuo Xin Yu Intertexuality Wei Jin scholars Wei Jin ideals
摘要: 成書於西元五世紀的《世說新語》是中國志人小說體的典範之作,在一千餘則的軼事中涵攝了魏晉士人的生命精神與超逸才情,向來是知識份子津津樂道的重要典籍。在《世說新語》存世的一千六百年之中,它不但對中國之士文化有深遠的影響,而且廣泛地滲透到各種文本之中,在唐詩、宋詞、元曲、戲劇、篆刻印文、兒童圖書、連環漫畫上,都可以發現呈顯於其中的成語、典故和故事主題;此外,在文體形製和語言風格上,《世說新語》不但直接促成歷代「世說體」小說的形成,而且也間接微縮成當代雜誌與報紙的同名專欄。整體來看,《世說新語》的語義及文化潛能豐沛,不但在中國文學、藝術上進行了詞彙與典故的移植,同時也經由兩個文本的交互作用,實踐了跨文本的文化對話。本計畫的研究主旨正是在這個現象的基礎上,探討《世說新語》如何在相異的時空環境、文體形式規範、作家個體生命志趣等因素下,達成對《世說新語》文本的分解、重組與再製,同時也雙向地從各類文本所留下的《世說新語》印迹,玩索顯現於文字表層的詞彙編織技巧,以及內隱於字裏行間的文化意涵,包括書寫者對個體生命形象的體認、對社會主流價值規範的調節因應以及對魏晉士人風度的想像與身分認同。在研究方法上,主要採行文學接受理論及互文性的文化論述觀點,逐一從文體期待、形象期待、意蘊期待等三層先在心理結構,觀察中國歷代文士對《世說新語》的接受反應。在內容安排上,將分從四個子題進行考察,一是「世說體」的形式再製。二是詩、詞、曲、文對《世說新語》的典故移植。三是印文、圖畫、題畫詩、戲劇對《世說新語》的題材利用。四是揭示各文本在與《世說新語》對話時所流動的文化內涵。
Accomplished in the fifth century, Shi Shuo Xin Yu is one of the classic of Chinesebiographic fiction. It containsWei Jin people's spirits towards life and their extraordinarytalent in its more than one thousand interesting stories, and that's the reason why thisimportant work is so popular among Chinese scholars. It has deeply influenced Chineseculture and it has widely appeared in all kinds of literary works since its publication 1,600years ago.We can discover its existence by forms such as idioms and phrases, allusion, andthemes in Tang poetry, Song Yuan verse, drama, seal stamping, Chinese calligraphy, andcomic books. In addition, when it comes to literary forms and language styles, Shi Shuo XinYu not only accelerated the evolvement of Shi Shuo style fiction directly, but also transformedinto the namesake column of newspapers and magazines at that time. All in all, its languagemeanings and the cultural potential are abundant. It has transplanted to itself a large amountof vocabularies and allusions from Chinese literature, and history of art and culture throughits verbal message. It has also fulfilled the cultural conversation across texts through theinteraction between two texts. This project is focus right on the basis of this phenomenon. Ittends to discover how Shi Shuo Xin Yu has decomposed, recombined, and remade its text indifferent period of time, different conditions, different standards of literary forms, differentwriters'characteristics. It also appreciates the authors'composing skills and the meaningbetween lines, which includes the thoughts towards life, the response towards the socialvalues, and the imagination and the identification towardsWei Jin scholars, through theinteraction with it. This project uses acceptance theory and the concept of cultural discussionwhich is brought out by intertexuality. It first discovers how Chinese scholars have acceptedthe inspiration from the messages in Shi Shuo Xin Yu on psychology basis, which are theirrecognition to the feature of its writing structures and forms, fantasy ofWei Jin ideals,appreciation of the beauty, and the vibration towards the perspective of life, step by stepthrough three layers, the expectation of literary form, the expectation of images, and theexpectation of meanings. The accepters admireWei Jin people and examine themselves viathe guidance of these messages. Reading Shi Shuo Xin Yu as well as rewriting a new versionof it. The interaction with the text and the conversation with the meaning are the point ofstudying Shi Shuo Xin Yu through interxuality.
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