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標題: 楚系簡帛文字字典編纂計畫-望山楚簡、九店楚簡、新蔡楚簡(Ⅱ)
The Dictionary of the Character System out of the Bamboosilk Scripts in Chu Area(楚)-Wangshan Chu Bamboo,Jiudian Chu Bamboo,Xincai Chu Bamboo(II)
作者: 林清源
關鍵字: 基礎研究
摘要: Owing to successfully archaeological works, numerous wooden writingsand silk book materials(簡牘帛書)have been discovered since the beginning ofthe twentieth century. These writings are significantly important in terms ofacademic research work, which are related to Chinese ancient philology(古文字學), political management(經學), history(史學)and philosophy(子學).In this field, numerous research works have been done contributing to theexpansion of the knowledge of related fields. However, a useful reference bookincluding a systematic index of completed research works and a data base ofrelated information has not turned out yet. This problem has been recognized bylot of academics and become an impending issue for those scholars who areworking on this filed. Therefore, this research project is set up to fulfill thistarget.In the past four years, we've accomplished four works. Based on theresults, our present task is to finish compiling “The Dictionary of the CharacterSystem out of the Bamboosilk Scripts in Chu Area," which is the last as wellas the most important stage of our project.The compiling style of the dictionary will be modeled on “Jia Gu WenZi Dian" and “ “. Words in the dictionary will be arranged in the orderas that in “ “, with three parts included—examples, configuration andsemantics -- for each item. We sincerely hope that we could offer a relativelyconscientious and reliable philology dictionary.
其他識別: NSC98-2410-H005-044
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