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標題: 楚系簡帛文字字典編纂計畫-楚系簡帛望山楚簡、九店楚簡、新蔡楚簡(Ⅲ)
The Dictionary of the Character System out of the Bamboosilk Scripts in Chu Area (楚)- Wangshan Chu Bamboo, Jiudian Chu Bamboo, Xincai Chu Bamboo
作者: 林清源
關鍵字: 基礎研究
摘要: 自二十世紀前期以來,由於考古工作之順利推展,出土了為數可觀之楚系簡牘帛書資料,其內容涉及古文字學、經學、史學與子學等多個學科,在學術研究上占有重要之地位。目前有關此方面之研究論著,無論是數量或品質都已甚為可觀,亟需一部兼具字形與詞義的工具書,以提供學界更完備之研究資訊。本計畫之合作人員過去數年之間,已陸續完成《楚系簡帛文字釋文》、《楚系簡帛文字研究論著目錄》、《楚系簡帛文字新編》、《楚系簡帛文字集釋》等基礎工程,如今希望能在此一基礎之上,進行最後也是最重要的工程,完成《楚系簡帛文字字典》。本計畫之編纂體例,擬參考徐中舒之《甲骨文字典》,以及張世超、孫凌安、金國泰、馬如森之《金文形義通解》,依照《說文解字》之次序列字,每一字頭之下的內容,包含代表字形、構形解說、文例釋義三部分,期能提供各界比較嚴謹可信之《楚系簡帛文字字典》。
Owing to successfully archaeological findings, numerous woodenwritings and silk bookmaterials(簡牘帛書)have been dug out since thebeginning of the twentieth century to whichChinese ancient philology(古文字學), political management(經學), history(史學)andphilosophy(子學)are related. Up to now, a huge amount of research papers in goodqualityhave been published. Our target of this research project is to edit a gooddictionary withcomprehensive information for research purpose becamenecessary.In the past three years, some significant elementary works have been completed by ourresearch groups, such as philological explanation of Chu-Si Jien-Bo Wen-Zi(楚系簡帛文字釋文),philological monograph index for Chu-Si Jien-Bo(楚系簡帛文字研究論著目錄),new philological edition of Chu-Si Jien-Bo(楚系簡帛文字新編),collective philologicalinterpretation of Chu-Si Jien-Bo(楚系簡帛文字集釋).Basing on these achievements, we are moving forward to the last andmost significantstep of publishing philological dictionary of theBamboo-silk Sripts in Chu Area namedChu-Si Jien-BoWen-Zi Zi -Dian.(楚系簡帛文字字典).The principle way of editing of this Dictionary is on the basis ofJia-Gu-Wen Zi-Dian(甲骨文字典)and Gin-Wen-Hsin-Yi-Tun-Jeh (金文形義通解), referring to the order ofShuh-Wen-Jeh Zi(說文解字). Eachcapital of the word concludes three parts of the word:examples,configuration and semantics in order to provide a more rigid andreliablephilological dictionary of the Bamboo-silk Sripts in Chu Area namedChu-SiJien-BoWen-Zi Zi -Dian.(楚系簡帛文字字典)
其他識別: NSC99-2410-H005-055
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