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dc.description.abstractIn the era of the Three kingdoms, most of the intelligentsia were writers,scholars, concurrently, were also politicos. Therefore when they addressed thepolitical issues or composed, they were affected by the Confucian classics. Forthis reason, when analysing the spread of Confucianism in the ages of theThree kingdoms, we can't ignore intelligentsia who were not specialists inConfucianism. In fact, they brought Confucianism in their compositions, and itwas taken as another kind of interpretations of Confucian classics.This essay will survey the Complete Works and the Complete Poetry ofthe Three Kingdoms to investigate what materials or issues of Chun-Chio andThree Commentaries of Chun-Chio are quoted, how they quote them, and theintertextual effects both to the interpretations of Chun-Chio and the style ofthe compositions. This essay intends to fulfill the gaps of previous studieswhich only focused on the specialists in Confucianism. This is a study on thereception history (Rezeptionsgeschichte) of Confucianism, especiallyChun-Chio, in the ages of Three Kingdoms. The outcomes can provide moredetail explanations on why and how the Confucianism is intermingled withmetaphysics.en_US
dc.description.abstract三國時期, 士人大多同時出入政治、文學與經學領域, 而且在議政、撰文之際, 時或流露宗經之思。因之, 探究三國經學面貌時, 對許多非專力於經學的士人亦不能棄而不論。這些大部分不曾闡注經傳的士人, 在奏議、書札及詩文創作中卻也不乏論經、用經, 所呈現的經義對經學之影響不容小覷。不論「建安風骨」或「正始之音」, 都是士人憂時抱志的文學表現, 只是兩者面對的環境壓力不同, 故思考向度也有變異, 此實魏晉以來儒、玄曖昧難釐之重要轉關。本研究擬透過《全三國文》及《全三國詩》觀察三國時期士人在詩文中對《春秋》及三傳的引用,並據此探究士人在論事取經、或創作時擷經、仿經的互文作用之下, 對「春秋大義」的闡釋。本論題乃擴大上一年計畫─ ─「《三國志》、《晉書》所見對「春秋大義」之闡發」之文獻範疇, 進一步深入探究士子在言志抒情繹思中, 經學扮演何等角色? 所謂「儒學衰微」、「經學玄學化」是如何點滴發生的? 本論文目的在於深入士子更私我的創作領域, 觀察三傳的材料與《春秋》大義等經學思維如何影響士人的言說交際與創作; 同時士人又如何回過頭來在創作時有意無意間造成經傳闡釋的質變? 在研究材料與觀照角度上, 應能提供與前賢既有研究成果不同角度的補充。zh_TW
dc.subjectChuen-Chio (the Spring and Autumn Annals)en_US
dc.subject春秋 春秋三傳 春秋大義 互文 全三國文 全三國詩zh_TW
dc.subjectThree Commentaries of Chun-Chioen_US
dc.subjectThe Spirit of Chun-Chioen_US
dc.subjectComplete Works of the Three Kingdomsen_US
dc.subjectCompletePoetry of the Three Kingdomsen_US
dc.titleThe Study on the Interpretations of "Three Commentaries of Chun-Chio (The Spring and Autumn Annals)" in Complete Works and Poetry of the Three Kingdomsen_US
dc.typeResearch Reportszh_TW
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