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標題: 新世代LCD背光源與導光模組設計與製程開發---子計畫四---開發新世代LCD高功率LED適用之導光板製作技術(I)
Development of Light-Guide Plate Fabrication Technology for High Power LED Adaptable for New Generation LCD(I)
作者: 楊錫杭
關鍵字: microlens array
電子電機工程類, 光電工程
light-guide plate
摘要: This plan is the fourth sub-plan included in the development plan of new generationLCD backlight source and light-guide module design and fabrication process. It aims on thedemand of key component fabrication technology for new generation LCD light-guidemodule. First year is to develop microlens array light-guide plate fabrication for multipleLEDs edge lighting source. High brightness and full color panels are the trend for newgeneration panels. Microlens array as transporting optical spots can be used for light-guideplates. Two approaches including high fill-factor and gradation step for microlens arrayfabrication process are proposed. This innovative and unique method will contribute LEDlighting source to propagate effectively. Second year is to explore new microlens arraylight-guide plate for single LED corner lighting source. It involves new shape microlensarray for light-guide plate fabrication and study intensity distribution in the panel. Since thegradation step microlens array can provide an effective propagation light, it attributes lessLEDs required in panel module. Third year is to investigate a three dimensional lithographyexposure technique for fabricating a roller type of microlens array mold insert. It can extendthe conventional planar microlens array to a three dimensional curved surface. Thenon-planar surface has micro-post array patterns in resist. It can further be electroforming tomake a mold insert. The three dimensional lithography includes the prototype fabrication forexperiments to verify its feasibility. Large sizes of light-guide plate will be the practicalobject. Different geometric patterns will be studied in the new lithography process andformed on a roller with micro patterns. We will also explore new microlens array forenhance light-guide efficiency. The innovative merit of this plan is to explore new threedimensional lithography on a three dimensional structure. The planar patterns on the maskcan be transferred onto a non-planar structure. It is indeed required for a future large size flatpanel display. The roller type microlens array mold insert can be further used for light-guideplate formation in large size flat panel display.
本研究案為新世代LCD 背光源與導光模組設計與製程開發總計畫之子計畫四,針對新世代LCD 導光模組需之元件製程做研究,第一年研發多顆LED 端緣式光源之新型微透鏡陣列結構,以微透鏡陣列之光學結構應用於導光板,為新一代高亮度與全彩面板之趨勢,採用LIGA-like(類光刻鑄模製程)開發高填充率(fill factor)與漸變階梯式(gradation step)微透鏡陣列,具有創新與獨特之做法。高填充率鏡片陣列,在於增加單位面積之鏡片比率,增加鏡片結構之深寬比(height-aspect-ratio)與鏡片填充率,有助於LED 光源傳播效能。第二年研發單顆LED 角落式光源之新型微透鏡陣列結構,經由漸變階梯式微透鏡陣列,擬在開發面板中形成高低漸變型態之微透鏡陣列,靠近光源端為較低鏡片,較遠離光源處具有較高鏡片,以形成均光性與高導光率,達到能以最少數目LED 顆數(單顆)進行光源傳播。第三年開發以滾壓式轉印模具之製程, 超大尺寸之面板得以運用滾輪式模具轉印光學鏡片,面板尺寸可比由滾輪圓周大小,經光阻塗佈,UV 光轉印設計之微透鏡陣列,經電鑄金屬成型為一可轉印之模仁/模具,需開發立體式光阻塗佈機,立體曝光微影機台,可以將光罩圖形之微光學點陣,複製到平面製程所無法製作的圓柱狀基材上,配合大尺寸精密電鑄,可製成所設計之滾輪式微透鏡陣列模仁,以因應平面顯示器之導光面板成型需求。
其他識別: NSC93-2215-E005-017
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