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標題: Development of Scattering Dots Auto-Deployment Strategy for High Uniformity Light Guide Plate
作者: 韓斌
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: Recent years our country has played an important role in the mature LED display market, and among them the high power LED side emitting back light module is also a very critical part. However, the scattering dots distribution on the light guide plate is very important to the performance of high luminance and good uniformity.Today's method for that skill usually bases on past experience on trial and error scheme, which is very time-consuming and cost-effective. Thus this plan focuses on developing an auto-deployment strategy which bases on a new thinking of accumulation and can provide a dots distribution with uniformity higher than 80%). Our partner is G-tool cooperation and its G-tool is dots distribution software that already occupies more than 50% of market. In our expect, the results of this plan can save some time and cost for light guide plant development and improve the related technology of back light module.
近年來我國在全球日漸普及之液晶顯示器產業已佔有舉足輕重的地位,其中,中小尺寸側向式LED背光模組亦扮演重要角色;而當中之導光板上散射點之分佈更是輝度及均勻度表現之關鍵;然而目前之散射點分佈多依賴經驗法則或試誤( Try and error )方法,往往需多次改版修正,耗費時間、人力及金錢;故本計畫之主要目的,在於與智圖科技公司合作(其所開發之G-tools佈點軟體,市場佔有率已達50%),利用創新之堆疊佈點策略,達到自動產生合乎需求之高均勻度導光板散射點密度分佈(均勻度大於 80%),以達到降低修改成本,節省開發時間並提升我國背光模組技術之目的。
其他識別: NSC100-2622-E005-006-CC3
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