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標題: IXP425平台上之遠端監控伺服器
A Remote Monitor Server on the IXP425 Platform
作者: 詹俊瑋
Chan, Chun-Wei
關鍵字: Remote monitor
Streaming video
出版社: 通訊工程研究所
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摘要: 隨著網路的日漸發達和個人電腦的普及,愈來愈多人在網頁上的需求也愈來愈多,像是互動式網頁、影像串流等,而由於現今的傳統監控系統在佈線上的成本和遠距離監控有其困難度,本論文在IXDPG425上實作出一個遠端監控串流伺服器,我們省去了傳統的監視系統上的佈線上問題,利用網路結合我們在IXDPG425上作WebServer和使用串流影像方式,達到一種可以在網頁上做遠端監控系統達到使用上方便性、即時性,使用者只需在有網路地方就可以隨時隨地作即時監控家裡或者或遠端監控系統架設的地方。 我們在IXDPG425平台上所使用的軟體都是屬於開放源軟體全都是免費的,利用這些免費的軟體有利於我們移植軟體的方便找尋。 關鍵詞: 遠端監控、IXDPG425、WebServer、串流影像
With the popularity of the developed Internet and PCs nowadays, the demand of using webpages grows widely, such as interactive webpages and video streaming.However, in order to improve the current hindrance on the cost of cabling and distance control in traditional monitoring system, "IXDPG425" in this paper is trying to make a remote monitoring streaming server into practicability. We overcome the wiring problems in traditional surveillance system, using the Internet to combine video streaming Web Server on IXDPG425 to reach the purpose of remote monitoring system conveniently and promptly. By setting the online monitoring system, the users can monitor any places on the webpage immediately only if the Internet is available, for example, around their houses. Moreover, on IXDPG425 platform, we used open-sourced softwares that are free to use. These free softwares help us search more conveniently when transplanting. Keywords: Remote monitor, IXDPG425, WebServer, Streaming video
其他識別: U0005-2407200912230400
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