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標題: LTE系統之動態分配資源的下行QoS機制
A Downstream QoS Mechanism Based on Dynamic Resource Allocation for LTE Systems
作者: Chen, Yu-Hua
關鍵字: Esti-Net
network simulation
出版社: 通訊工程研究所
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摘要: When mobile network bandwidth is bigger than before, processing performance of mobile phone is better than before, the two things make more network applications than before. It is not difficult to run many network applications at the same time. But it is difficult to assign network resources well. So we have to find out how to assign network resources. Now, mobile network has entered the fourth generation. It divided into two camps, WiMAX and LTE. Many people think that LTE will be better than WiMAX. Although the machine of LTE has created but LTE system did not deploy yet. If we want to research LTE system we need use network simulation. In this paper, we use EstiNet network simulation to research how assign network resources is better than now.
無線通訊網路的發展網路速度越來越快,智慧型手機處理效能越來越高,伴隨而來的是許許多多網路應用程式如雨後春筍般應運而生,在手機高效能處理下要同時使用多個網路應用程式已經不是問題,那該如何去控管網路資源的使用就是一個必要解決的課題。 現今行動網路已經進入到第四代行動通訊網路,分為WiMAX與LTE兩大陣營,在目前LTE相較被看好,但雖然有廠商已經做出LTE的相關硬體但卻仍還沒被使用,所以目前研究必須使用網路模擬器來進行,在此我們使用Esti-Net網路模擬器來進行LTE網路上對於不同程式傳輸的資源分配保留研究。
其他識別: U0005-1707201214513300
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