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標題: 乘積碼改良式解碼方法應用於資料藏匿技術
Some Modified Decodings of Product Codes For Data Hiding Techniques
作者: 黃崇甫
Huang, Chung-Fu
關鍵字: 線性區塊碼
Product Codes
Data hiding
Linear Block Codes
出版社: 通訊工程研究所
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摘要: 本論文主要是將線性區塊碼運用於資料藏匿上,以提高訊息的藏匿效率、減少藏匿過後的失真。不過當碼的維度提高也會使得解碼的複雜度增加。主要是針對二元訊息提出一個簡單且能夠維持資訊品質兼具容量的嵌入方法,我們使用乘積碼(Product code)去快速嵌入資訊,他是並列式疊帶碼的一種特例,也是傳統線性區塊碼的一種,特點是可藉由選擇單元碼(Component Code)來改變碼的特性,例如碼率和更正能力等。針對他的解碼我們提出幾種修正的解碼方式去降低解碼錯誤率並提升效能,之後再比較各種解碼方式的藏匿效能(Embedding efficiency)與複雜度。
In this study, we make use of Linear Block Codes for Data Hiding to increase the embedding efficiency and decrease the information distortion. However, the higher the dimension of codes is, the more complicated it is to decode . So the main purpose of our study is to propose an easy , quality-maintaining, way for embedding binary information with a max capacity . We can embed information by Product Code which is also a sort of linear block code. It is character by that we can choice Component Code to change the characteristic of code such as code rate and correcting ability. According to its decoding, we propose some modified decoding algorithms to lower the decoding error rate and higher the efficiency. After then, we compare the embedding efficiency and complexity of the algorithms which we proposed.
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