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標題: Development of Low-Power MIMO Wireless Radio-Frequency Module
作者: 江衍忠
關鍵字: Dual-band wireless local area network
MIMO RF system
RF front-endcircuit
摘要: This project is mainly to support the integrated project “Intelligent SOC for BabyWatch and Comfort” in which we have the requirement of wireless data transmission. Sincewe try to develop an indoor-care system which adopts video and audio recognitiontechniques to analysis the condition of the subject under monitor, the video and audio willalso be transmitted to the parent who is located at the other room. In general, the house ispartitioned into compartments which may cause the multiple path effect, thus we try todevelop a low-power MIMO RF transceiver to overcome the multiple path effect.We first adopt the WLAN IEEE 802.11n like standard which uses 2.4∼2.5GHz as thecarrier frequency, and we will develop the required low power sub-circuits. Then we willinclude the 5GHz band in our wireless transmission system. We alternatively try to design alow power dual-band multi-input multi-output wireless transceiver. The process we use isTSMC 0.18um CMOS technique for most of our circuits, and we may try to enhance theperformance of some critical modules by adopting 0.13um CMOS process.In the first year, we will run the system simulation for whole system to decide the detailspecifications for each sub-circuit. We will also finish the design of circuits in theradio-frequency front end, such as the LNA, the mixer, and the VCO. In the second year, wewill finish the design of the frequency synthesizer and the power amplifier. We will alsointegrate all the RF circuits and measure the performance of the RF integrated system forfine tuning. In the last year, we will finish the design of the T/R switch, the printed circuitboard integrated with antennas, and the interface circuits for combining with othersub-project.
本計畫主要因應總計畫:『智慧型嬰幼兒監護與安撫晶片系統』中之無線資料傳輸需求而生。由於本整合型計畫中試圖對照顧對象之即時影音作影像及語音之辨識分析,同時傳送給位於家中其它位置正在處理家務的家長,因此有高速傳送大量即時影音資訊的需求。同時一般居家環境多半有隔間等屏障,形成多重反射之通道特性;但是考慮電磁波對嬰幼兒之影響,因此本計畫試圖發展可以克服通道多重反射之低功率無線射頻系統。本計畫初期以開發低功率使用2.4∼2.5GHz 頻帶的類802.11n 介面之無線傳輸技術,繼之將開發2.4/5GHz 雙頻之無線傳輸晶片。期能設計一個多輸入多輸出的雙頻無線收發機(Transceiver)。使用之製程技術暫擬採用台積電量產的0.18 微米CMOS 製程,在較為關鍵的模組則考慮採用更進一步0.13 微米來實現。預計第一年先就所需之系統規格預作系統模擬,以決定各別子電路之詳細規格。同時完成射頻前端電路中之低雜訊放大器、升降頻混波器以及壓控振盪器等子電路之設計與開發。第二年則進一步整合所有子電路並完成頻率合成器、功率放大器等之設計,同時對整體射頻前端電路做一整合之量測與微調。第三年則主要在設計接收/發射切換開關等電路、整合天線設計與PCB 板電路還有與其他子計畫之整合介面,並與其他子計畫做一整合量測與介面修正微調。
其他識別: NSC97-2221-E005-091-MY2
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