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標題: 開發區別豬假性狂犬病gE基因缺損疫苗免疫與野外毒感染之診斷試劑
Development of the Diagnostic Kit of Pseudorabies for Differentiation the Vaccinated Pigs with gE Deletion Vaccine from Wild Strain Infected Pigs
作者: 廖俊旺
關鍵字: 技術發展
differential diagnosis kit
生物技術, 畜牧獸醫類
gE 缺損
gE deletion
Pseudorabies virus
摘要: 本計畫擬配合新一代豬假性狂犬病毒gE缺損疫苗開發適合田間使用之區別診斷試劑。而新一代豬假性狂犬病毒基因缺損疫苗株乃利用水母GFP基因取代病毒gE基因,而GFP蛋白將可提供另一個有效偵測與區別之抗原標的。因此,本計畫除將利用原先病毒之gE蛋白作為區別診斷標的外,另將配合偵測GFP抗體以提升區別診斷試劑之專一性與敏感性,若大量生產將可有效供應我國假性狂犬病區別診斷之需,縮短清除假性狂犬病之期程,為養豬業者提昇國際競爭力。
The project is aimed to develop a diagnostic kit with the ability to differentiate infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA) by using a new gE deletion vaccine of Pseudorabies (PR). In our study, the gene deletion vaccine will be developed in which the gE gene will be replaced with GFP of jellyfish and the GFP will be served as another target for DIVA. As the gE deletion could be used for differential diagnosis, the sensitivity and specificity of the DIVA test kit will also be increased by detection of antibody against GFP. Development of the DIVA test kit will achieve to fit in the requirement for diagnosis of PR, shorten the time schedule for PR elimination and further promote the competition of pig industry.
其他識別: 99農科-9.2.5-檢-B1(9)
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