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標題: 豬用多價疫苗外銷導向平台之建立(Ⅱ)
The Development of Export Platform for Swine Multivalent Vaccines
作者: 簡茂盛
關鍵字: 生物技術, 畜牧獸醫類
摘要: 生物科技之應用範疇除基礎生物醫學研究外,更可實際作為開發人類或動物用醫藥產品與食品科學上之運用,也被視為是21 世紀的明星產業。目前國內各學研單位對於動物用疫苗的相關研究不少,也已有相當優秀的上游研發成果,若能更進一步完成動物試驗且銜接至生物製劑廠,取得許可證並商品化,才能真正落實生物科技於動物醫學上之應用。本計畫為第二年度先導型產學合作計畫,於第一年度計畫執行期中,已完成改良先前所開發之猪萎縮性鼻炎疫苗,並藉由保留「絕對必要性抗原」及去除「非必要性抗原」之方式,已初步完成建立「猪萎縮性鼻炎與猪假性狂犬病多價疫苗」之開發,並計畫於第二年度中,完成與動物用疫苗廠之間的量產技術移轉及進行大規模田間試驗。期望藉由先前「猪萎縮性鼻炎重組毒素及不活化混合疫苗」合作成功的模式,來建立一動物用多價疫苗開發平台,使該產品於國內商品化,最後透過拜耳公司行銷團隊,將此一創新之疫苗出口至亞洲與世界其他地區。本計畫是開發具國際競爭力之創新猪用多價疫苗,並以出口為導向的產學合作計畫,期望能藉由所建立「產、官、學、銷」的成功新模式,將國內動物用疫苗產品推向國際舞台。
It is generally accepted that the most modern and blossoming industry in 21st century isbiotechnology. Not only it can be utilized in human medicine but also in food products andresearches in animal fields. At this moment, biotech industry is one of the important policies that ourgovernment enthusiastically promotes. Among various aspects of biotech applications,development of animal vaccine, especially for livestock, plays an important role in this exploitingarea. Although there are many excellent research results in animal vaccines in Taiwan; however, agap still exists between innovation and commercialization of those good prototype products tomarket. In the first year of the project, we successfully elevated “essential antigens” from eliminatingor reducing “non-essential antigens” of AR-rsPMT vaccine, and try to combined with an unique gE(-)deleted Pesudorabies virus antigen in order to generate a novel multivalent vaccines for swine. Inthe second year of the project, this year, the objectives are aimed to transfer the prototype vaccinefrom the university to the manufacturing company and to accomplish the large scale field trial beforesubmitting for registration. We expect, in according to our previous successful experience of theAR-rsPMT vaccine, this vaccine will eventually be commercialized in Taiwan. Furthermore, via theexcellent global marketing ability of Bayer HealthCare, this innovation could be exported to Asiaand worldwide in near future. Meanwhile, we hope the platform of collaboration for animal vaccinedevelopment could be a new model and milestone to boost the application of biotechnology inTaiwan.
其他識別: NSC99-2324-B005-018-CC1
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