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標題: 以活性碳為擔體之觸媒/吸附劑應用於焚化廢氣SO2之研究
Carbon-Support Catalyst/Sorbents Utilized in SO2 Adsorption in Flue Gas from Combustion
作者: 傅政豪
Fu, Cheng-Hao
關鍵字: activated carbon
heavy metals
acid gases
出版社: 環境工程學系
摘要: 本研究結合活性碳特殊的表面性質與觸媒的高反應特性,製備出以活性碳為擔體之觸媒/吸附劑,並應用於焚化廢氣中酸性氣體的去除,期望能達到高去除率與低化學計量比的目標。所使用之觸媒/吸附劑為經由硝酸氧化處理後的活性碳,再擔持Cu、Ce與Cu-Ce混合等金屬而得到之三種觸媒/吸附劑。 實驗主要利用流體化床焚化爐以產生不同污染源,空氣污染防治設備則為,串聯乾式洗滌塔串聯袋式集塵器,研究探討觸媒/吸附劑對焚化廢氣中酸性氣體的去除效率,實驗操作條件包括(1)觸媒/吸附劑的種類(Cu/A.C.、Ce/A.C.與Cu-Ce/A.C.);(2)化學劑量比(SR=1與SR=2)與(3)煙道氣組成的影響(SO2,SO2,SO2+Pb與SO2+Cr)。實驗結果並整合觸媒/吸附劑反應前後物化特性的分析,完整評估觸媒/吸附劑應用於煙道氣除硫的可行性。 研究結果指出,經由Cu、Ce與Cu-Ce擔持的三種活性碳觸媒/吸附劑,均會明顯增加SO2的去除效率,其中以Ce/A.C.觸媒/吸附劑具最佳的去除效率。面對較複雜的進氣組成時(SO2+HCl、SO2+Pb),Cu-Ce/A.C.相較於Cu/A.C.與Ce/A.C.對SO2的去除效率,並不會出現降低的現象,具有穩定的SO2去除效率;煙道氣中含有重金屬Cr時,對於三種觸媒/吸附劑之SO2去除率,均會造成明顯的降低。另一方面,Cu/A.C.、Ce/A.C.與Cu-Ce/A.C.三種觸媒/吸附劑除了對SO2具一定的控制效果外,另外對於其他的污染物包括HCl、Pb與Cr,亦具有同時去除的能力。
The objective of this study is to investigate the possibility of using carbon supporting metals catalyst/sorbents for the removal of SO2 from flue gas, expected to achieve higher SO2 conversion and sorbents utilized efficiently. The catalyst/sorbents were prepared by impregnating the carbon powders with the aqueous solutions of the nitrate of the metals. They are Cu/A.C., Ce/A.C. and Cu-Ce/A.C. catalyst/sorbents, respectively. A dry scrubber integrated with a frabic filter was employed in the pilot-scale fluidized bed incinerator to demonstrate the performance of catalyst/sorbents for removal of acid gases at selected catalyst/sorbents (Cu/A.C., Ce/A.C. and Cu-Ce/A.C.) and feedstocks (S, S+PVC, S+Pb and S+Cr). The physical and chemical characteristics of catalyst/sorbents prior to and after the experiment were analyzed. The feasibility of the catalyst/sorbents employed in the incineration system was also evaluated. The results indicated that the removal efficiency of SO2 in flue gas can be enhanced significantly by actived carbon impregnating with Cu, Ce and Cu-Ce, especially for Ce/A.C.. The Cu-Ce/A.C. catalyst/sorbent had a stable removal efficiency of SO2 while it was interfaced with more complicate composition of flue gas (SO2+HCl and SO2+Pb). However, the removal efficiency of SO2 of three indicated catalyst/sorbents decreased obviously when the feedstock contained Cr. Moreover, HCl, Pb, and Cr can be controlled simultaneously by Cu/A.C., Ce/A.C. and Cu-Ce/A.C. catalyst/sorbents during desulfurization process.
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