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標題: 具中間自旋(S=1)狀態之Co(III)-N取代四苯環紫質錯化物合成及光譜探討
The Synthesis and Spectroscopic Investigation on the Intermediate Spin State (S=1) of
作者: 陳志鴻
關鍵字: 化學類
摘要: 我們試著將金屬(Co3+, Ga3+, Rh3+)與N取代porphyrin大環反應,來合成具(S=1, intermediate spin)之Co3+-compex , Ga3+, Rh3+-complex 被合成來做磁性的逆磁扣除,擬用X-ray決定其結構,並用ESR及SQUID儀器,測其磁性,並求出spin state,並用1H NMR 測其paramagnetic shift ,來了解其ground state之term 為何。
We would like to synthesize the Co3+, Ga3+ and Rh3+ complexes of N-substituted porphyrin. These complexes will be examined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The ESR and SQUID spectroscopy will also be applied to investigate the coordination behavior between the metal and ligand and evaluate the spin state of the Co3+ in these complexes. Ga3+ and Rh3+-complexes are used as a diamagnetic correction for paramagnetic Co3+-complex. The 1H NMR will studied to measure the paramagnetic shift of the Co3+ complex and evaluate the ground state term symbol for the electronic configuration of Co3+ complexes.
其他識別: NSC99-2113-M005-006
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