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標題: 景天科植物石蓮抗腫瘤有效活性成分之分析與探討
Separation and Analysis of the Active Cytotoxic Components of G. Paraguayense
作者: 鍾婷婷
關鍵字: 化學類, 藥學
摘要: 石蓮(Graptopetalum paraguayense E.Walther)為景天科植物, 2006 年,台中榮總徐士蘭博士申請一篇美國專利,其中發表石蓮相關之景天科植物具有抗肝癌相關病症的效用,以及抗發炎和抗纖維化等活性,而其所含之化學成分至今仍未有文獻提出,因此本研究將針對石蓮葉部與莖部進行成分單離,並鑑定其結構,同時將分得之化合物,進行生物活性測試。俟成分鑑定完成後,將使用液相層析或液相層析質譜儀方式,進行定量成分分析,以瞭解各個化合物量之多寡,用以配合其活性之探討。
Graptopetalum paraguayense has been patterned recently to be a liver-relateddisease protector. It has the bioactivities as anti inflammation, and anti fibrosis,especially it inhibits proliferation of activated hepatic stellate cells to prevent theliver from fibrosis. However, the constituents of G. paraguayense remainunknown in the literature paper. Herein our study, we would like to focus on theisolation and identification of each component in the herb, both on its leaves andstem parts.Quantitative analysis by HPLC and LC/MS will be performed after all thecomponents have been obtained and all kinds of bioactivities will be carriedout on the single pure compound once isolated.
其他識別: NSC99-2113-M005-002
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