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標題: 應用於染料敏化太陽能電池之推拉紫質合成
Synthesis of Push-Pull Porphyrins for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
作者: 葉鎮宇
關鍵字: 化學類
摘要: 本計畫的主要目標為合成具有推-拉電子基及擴充-系統之紫質和雙紫質,並將其應用於光敏染料太陽能電池(DSSCs)上。紫質-共軛性的擴大和推-拉電子能力的增加將會造成紫質在可見光區的吸收範圍增寬,而這樣的特性是作為高效率光敏染料的基本需求之一。為了增大紫質的系統,我們透過乙炔橋基分子將一系列的芳香族單元有系統的連接到紫質上,或是直接連接到紫質meso -位置;同時我們也將改變推-拉電子基的強度並研究其對光電池效率的影響。另一個系統為直接接合或是透過乙炔橋基分子形成的雙紫質也能夠在可見光範圍展現吸收範圍較寬且吸收強度強的性質。經由這些紫質染料我們能夠研究在光電池中染料結構與光電轉換性質之間的關係。我們可以預期到,在錨接基(-CO2H)和紫質環之間銜接的橋基分子會對染料的光伏性質(photovoltaic properties)有很大的影響。為了闡述銜接的橋基分子所扮演的角色,我們將各式各樣的橋基分子接到紫質染料上並且測量其光伏性質。
The major goal of this project is to synthesize push-pull porphyrins and push-pullporphyrin dimers with extended -system for the use in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs).Extention of -conjugation and an increase in the push-pull capability of porphyrins wouldresult in broadening of their absorption bands in the visible region, which is one of the basicrequirements of dyes used in DSSCs. To extend the -system of porphyrins, a series ofaromatic units will be systematically attached to the porphyrin ring via an ethynyl bridgeor/and directly attached to the meso- or -positions. We will also introduce various strongelectron-donating and electron-withdrawing groups to the porphyrin ring. Another system thatwould exhibit broad and intense absorptions in the visible region is the directly linked andacetylene-linked porphyrin dimers. With these porphyrin dyes, we will be able to investigatethe structure/photovoltaic property relationship. It is anticipated that the nature of the linkerbetween the porphyrin ring and the anchoring group -CO2H would significantly influence thephotovoltaic properties of the dyes. To elucidate the role of the linker played, a variety oflinkers will be incorporated to the porphyrin dyes and their photoelectrochemical propertieswill be measured.
其他識別: NSC100-2628-M005-001-MY4
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