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標題: 合成具鐵磁性與抗鐵磁性之Mn3+與N-取代基 N-C Porphyrin 鍵結之錯化物
Magnetic Properties in High-Spin Mononuclear Manganese(Iii) of Inverted N-Substituted Porphyrin Complexes.
作者: 陳志鴻
關鍵字: 化學類
摘要: 我們試著將金屬Mn3+, Zn2+ 和 Ni2+ 與N-取代N-Confused porphyrin 反應來合成順磁性之Mn3+(N-substituted NCTPP)Br 錯化物,及逆磁性之Zn2+(N-substituted NCTPP)及Ni2+ (N-substituted NCTPP)錯化物,其中Mn3+ monomer(單體)與Mn3+ monomer(單體)以分子間氫鍵結合Mn3+….Mn3+ dimer(雙體),此雙體中Mn3+(s=2)與Mn3+(s=2)呈現鐵磁性與抗鐵磁性耦合。擬用X-ray決定Mn3+….Mn3+ dimer 其結構,用ESR,NMR 及squid來探討此類dimer之磁性。
We would like to synthesize the paramagnetic complexes of Mn3+(N-substituted NCTPP)Br and the diamagnetic complexes of Zn2+(N-substituted NCTPP)and Ni2+ (N-substituted NCTPP).These complexes will be examined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The ESR, 1H and 13C NMR, and squid spectroscopy will be also be applied to investigate the ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic complexes between Mn3+ and Mn3+ in the Mn3+(N-substituted NCTPP)Br complex.
其他識別: NSC100-2113-M005-002
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