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標題: 多功能型癌症診治奈米複合體之開發
Development of Multifunctional Nanocomposites for Cancer Theranostics
作者: 賴秉杉
關鍵字: 醫學工程
摘要: 近年來,多功能奈米材料已被廣泛研究並證實具潛力應用於生物造影及治療的優勢。本計畫嘗試透過磁性和矽基奈米複合材料開發同時具有多功能性的成像和診斷治療的藥物載體。在本研究將單一分散性奈米晶體(鐵金或是鐵白金)包覆於中空孔洞二氧化矽奈米球中,並同時加入光感藥物或者螢光標記分子,奈米球的表面修飾上親水性的聚乙二醇使其能長期穩定於水溶液中。鐵金的奈米晶體同時具有超順磁特性鐵的特性以及與金粒子表面電漿共振的效應,除了在可見光區域有吸收的性質外並具有X 光及核磁共振顯影的潛力。在獲得影像後,更可利用光照來驅動光動力治療的效果。這種結合的獨特磁性和光學性質的納米複合材料使人們有可能被用於多功能模式聯合運作應用於癌症影像醫學診斷和治療應用。
Recently, multifunctional nanomaterials have been received extensive research anddisplayed magnificent potential for bioimaging and therapeutic purposes. In this study, themonodisperse nanocomposites of FeAu magnetic nanocrystal cores and periodic mesoporoussilica nanospheres labeled with photosensitizer molecules and modified with hydrophilicpoly(ethylene glycol) will be fabricated through a simple sol-gel process. The FeAunanocrystals reveal not only superparamagnetic characteristics of Fe nanoparticles and butalso the SPR property of Au that can be applied for CT/MR imaging. In addition, thespecific conjugated photosensitizer in the silica framework enabled the nanocomposites tobe used as the cell marker that can be activated after irradiation. The combination of uniquemagnetic and optical properties of the nanocomposites made it possible to be used forsimultaneous multimodal imaging diagnosis and cancerous therapeutic applications.
其他識別: NSC100-2628-E005-008-MY2
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