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標題: 標靶性癌症診治奈米粒子的開發
Development of targetable and theranostic nanoparticles for cancer treatments
作者: 賴秉杉
關鍵字: 醫學工程, 生物技術

摘要: 奈米科技應用於醫療上在目前已被證實擁有強大的潛力,例如癌症的個人化治療以及減輕病患疼痛。近幾年,美國國家衛生研究院及美國國家癌症研究所共同投入奈米科技與癌症研究的整合工作上,其中包含了癌症的治療、診斷及造影等項目。最近,同時具診斷治療功能的裝置(Theranostics)在奈米醫藥領域中相當被受到重視。然而,在同時兼具診斷治療的工具概念下,此在治療的過程中常用的化療藥物無法被精確或有效的控制治療的時刻,這也限制了在未來個人化醫療的發展。在我們的先前研究中,我們注重於光動力治療(Photodynamic therapy)的光感藥劑傳輸系統;光動力治療為需要適當的光波長去激發光感藥劑而產生活性氧物質造成癌細胞傷害,因此光動力最大的好處在於治療的部位及時刻可以被有效的控制。根據這項獨特的優勢,我們可以將光動力治療導入診斷治療工具的開發上。在這四年的計劃中,我們將會對此診斷治療藥劑進行細胞毒性,細胞內傳輸,光動力治療效果以及在動物實驗上的標靶/顯影的相關研究。我們相信利用奈米科技跨領域的生醫研究發展,可以應用來消除或減少因癌症所造成的病痛和死亡,成果也將對於國民健康和奈米生醫技術領域將有所助益。
Nanotechnology has huge potential to cure cancer and relieving human from suffering. For several years, National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) of United States have supported exploratory work on the integration of nanotechnology in cancer research, including the cancer therapy and diagnosis/imaging. Recently, a new field named ‘theranostics' is attractive in nanomedicine. However, the therapeutic process is not easy to control in this dual functionalized manner because that can cause the limitation of personalized medicine. In our previous study, we focused on the photosensitizer delivery system for photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT is a light-induced chemical reaction resulting in topical damage by reactive oxygen species following activation of the photosensitizer with a specific light source. Thus, the therapeutic area can be selectively controlled by light irradiation. According to this unique benefit in cancer therapy, we aim to put this item into theranostic agents. In this four-year project, the cytotoxicity, intracellular trafficking, PDT efficacy and in vivo targeting/imaging of these theranostic agents would be investigated. These efforts will exploit the multidisciplinary nature of nanotechnological development and hasten its application to the elimination of human suffering and death due to cancer. This theranostics can have a great potential for cancer therapy and imaging in the future and its results should be have an impact on national health and the field of nanobiotechnology.
其他識別: NHRI-EX101-10114EC
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