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標題: 以虛擬機器移轉提升Linux 虛擬叢集之效能
Improve the Performance of Linux Virtual Cluster by Virtual Machine Transferring
作者: 顏增昌
關鍵字: 商品化
process calculus
virtual cluster
virtual machine transferring
process calculus
摘要: 虛擬化技術是解決電腦硬體快速發展所導致資訊設備嚴重閒置情況的最佳選擇,虛擬化技術也是產業界及開放原始碼社群最夯的領域,從Kernel-based VirtualMachine、VirtualBox、及Linux container 等開放原始碼虛擬機器不斷地推陳出新即為明証。新發表的虛擬機器不僅提供新的功能也提高虛擬機器的執行效能,對使用User-mode Linux 虛擬機器執行平行計算的虛擬叢集而言,將效能較低的UML 虛擬機器以較高效能的KVM 虛擬機器取代,是提升虛擬叢集效能及真實主機throuput 最有效的方法。對系統管理者而言,重新安裝高效能虛擬機器固然簡單,然而對一般使用者而言,重新安裝所需軟體及設定執行環境,無疑是一大難題。因此,如何將現有之虛擬機器執行環境移轉到新的高效能虛擬機器上,是提升虛擬叢集效能最關鍵的課題。一般而言,Linux 虛擬機器由Linux kernel、root filesystem、及virtual machineutilities 所構成;其中Linux kernel 及virtual machine utilities 由開放原始碼社群負責維護,而root filesystem 則由使用者建立與管理。因此,如何將原虛擬機器之檔案系統在保留使用者軟體設定的前提下順利地移轉到新虛擬機器上,是更換高效能虛擬機器以提升虛擬叢集效能最重要的技術。在本計畫中,我們先驗証虛擬機器移轉的可行性,再針對paravirtualization 的UML 與Xen 及full virtualization 的KVM 等幾種常見的開放原始碼虛擬機器,分析比較其檔案系統的目錄架構與所安裝的套件,以及Master Boot Record 內容的差異,開發虛擬機器自動移轉工具,以期在兼顧使用者的便利及管理者的效率下,藉由更換高效能虛擬機器以提升虛擬平行計算叢集效能,進而達到物盡其用的目標。本計劃之主要目的如下:1. 分析 UML、KVM、Xen、及VirtualBox 等開放原始碼虛擬機器之檔案系統架構、安裝套件,及MBR 的開機資訊;2. 以 XML 資料庫建立開放原始碼虛擬機器檔案系統特徵資料庫、以建立具可攜性之檔案系統;3. 開發虛擬機器檔案系統自動移轉工具以保留使用者之軟體設定並減輕系統管理者的負擔;4. 提供 web-based GUI 以簡化檔案系統自動移轉的使用與管理;5. 使用 process calculus 做為虛擬機器運作之模型,以探討提升虛擬機器效能的可行方法。
Virtualization has become indispensable to get the most from today's underutilizedcomputing resources, and attracts considerable interests of commerical and open-sourcecommunity. Open-source offers several advantages (such as better flexibility andfunctionality, fast feedback, and free) in developing virtualization solutions. This can beshowed that several open-source virtual machines are anounced one after another (e.g.,Kernel-based Virtual Machine, VirtualBox, and Linux container, etc.). It is the most effectiveway to improve the performance of virtual cluster by replacing traditional virtual machine(such as UML) with higherperformance virtual machine (such as KVM).It is shown that themigration of an UML to either Xen or KVM is possible. The migration of the virtual machines takesless effort than installing the host machine and setting up the software environment. Therefore, how tosmoothly transfer original virtual machines of a virtual cluster to high performance virtual machines isthe critical technology for improving the performance of virtual cluster.In general, a Linux virtual machines consists of Linux kernel, root filesystem, and virtualmachine utilities. The Linux kernel and virtual machine utilities are mantained by theopen-source community, and the only role played by users is just to update them periodically.On the other hand, the root filesystems are created and maintained by users. In order totransfer the paravirtualization virtual machine to the full virtualization virtual machine withunchanged software configuration, we will establish XML native database to maintain thedirectory structure of root filesystem, the list of installed packages, and the content of MasterBoot Record. Based on the database, we will develop automatic virtual machine transferringtool to migrate the filesystem of original virtual machine to fit in high performnce virtualmachine. With the help of our tool, user's convenience and administrator's efficiency areimproved, and the system is best utilized. The main objectives of this project is as follows:1. analyse the directory structure of root filesystem, the list of installed packages, and thecontent of Master Boot Record;2. maintain the root filesystem's features in a native XML database;3. develop automatic virtual machine transferring tool;4. develop GUI of our tool;5. model basic virtualization operations by process calculus.
其他識別: NSC99-2220-E005-002
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