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標題: Recognition and Nano-Measurement of Proteins on Cell Membrane with Atomic Froce Microscopy
作者: 何孟書
關鍵字: 基礎研究
其他(理), 生物技術
Cell membrane
labeling protein
摘要: 利用原子力顯微鏡識別並量測細胞膜上蛋白質的特性Recognition and Nanomeasurement of Proteins on Cell Membrane with Atomic Froce MicroscopyAbstract:In this project, the specific research objectives are to:(1) Recognize proteins on cell membrane using labeled nanoparticles and antibodies. Investigate and measure the characteristics of proteins with atomic forice microscopy to understand the fundamental mechanisms of biochemical reactions on cell membrane focusing on mechanical properties.(2) Design and fabricate the hole-patch-clamp device for measuring the current through ion channels on cell membranes. Evaluate the compatibility of this system for potential biological integration with Atomic Force Microscopy.(3) Fabricate patterned biomimetic materials and substrates for observing cell behaviors.(4) Measure the nanomechanical properties of testing cells with atomic force microscopyThe nanomechanical characterictics of the cell membrane and cytoskeleton of human erythrocytes will be studied using atomic force microscopy (AFM). The self assembly, fine structure, cell diameter, thickness and reticulate cytoskeleton of erythrocytes on biocompatiable surface would be investigated. Moreover, a comparison between methods of biochemical labeling proteins and biophysics recognition will be discussed in this work.We believe that this important approach and technology development will make significant contributions to the advancement of biomedical test. The proposed research should not only provide critical information for future studies of bio-engineering, more importantly, a biophysics training course will be set up at the NCHU to further assist students’ research at the university.
利用原子力顯微鏡識別並量測細胞膜上蛋白質的特性Recognition and Nano-measurement of Proteins on Cell Membranes with Atomic Froce Microscopy進來由於奈米科技的進步,將其應用在生物醫學方面的研究也日益增多,尤其是再生醫學及生醫工程上,都有重大的突破。本計畫希望能透過生物物理的研究方式,利用原子力顯微鏡及奈米製程技術在奈米尺度下進行生物樣品觀測與物理化學特性的探討。進一步與傳統的生物醫學研究做比較,並希望能藉此發展奈米醫學檢測技術。本計畫研究的課題有四:(1)利用修飾後的奈米粒子及抗體(antibody)標定細胞膜上的特定蛋白或鍵結結構。利用原子力顯微鏡觀測這些蛋白的外貌、行為及隨時間變化對細胞膜表面應力的影響。(2)利用半導體製程技術,設計製備及量測細胞膜上離子通道開關之間的物理特性。並藉由導電-原子力顯微鏡(conductive-AFM)的探針,量測單一離子通道的電性。(3)利用原子力顯微鏡觀測仿生材料及生物相容基板,並藉此發展適合原子力顯微鏡量測的藥物傳輸系統。( 4) 利用原子力顯微鏡結合光學及螢光顯微鏡進行奈米機械應力量測藉此計畫,也將針對二項基本問題作探討:(1)奈米粒子應用在生醫工程上的探討(2)於台彎普遍存在的遺傳性地中海貧血患者,進行更深入的比較和分析。希望能透過本計畫的實行,提升奈米技術在生醫材料、仿生工程及組織工程的發展。
其他識別: NSC99-2112-M005-002-MY3
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