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標題: The Behavior and Characteristics of Granular Particles in Harmonic Motion
作者: 廖思善
關鍵字: 物理類
摘要: 我們將延續上一個計畫,繼續探討顆粒物理中的「巴西堅果效應」。上一個計畫裡,我們已對「水平巴西堅果效應」做了蠻完整的研究,以這些研究的經驗與心得,預期在接下來的兩年,提出「巴西堅果效應」的完整解釋。同時我們會探討在顆粒物理中發現的新現象,例如我們最近發現顆粒群在連通管中並不遵守「巴斯卡原理」。此外,我們也將建立用分子動力學模擬顆粒行為的模組,提供給實驗人員使用。
In this project, we will continue the investigation of the previous project on the BrazilNut Effect. In the last project, we focused on the Horizontal Brazil Nut Effect and obtained acomprehensible explanation for it. We are now ready to tackle the vertically vibrating systemthat yields the Brazil Nut Effect. We will also use our experimental setup to study otherinteresting phenomena in granular physics. For example, we have recently found that, in avertically vibrating environment, two containers connected in lower parts can sustaingranular particles of different heights, apparently against the Pascal's principle forincompressible fluid. In the following two years, we will also build program modules, forthe convenience of experimentalists, for simulating large number of granular particles usingmolecular dynamics.
其他識別: NSC99-2112-M005-001-MY2
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