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標題: 超導量子位元與共振腔光子交互作用研究
On the Interactions between Superconductive Quantum Bits and Cavity Photons
作者: 郭華丞
關鍵字: 基礎研究
摘要: In this project, I propose to experimentally study the interactions between thesuperconductive quantum bits as artificial atoms and cavity photons. The superconductivedevices such as Cooper-pair boxes have been demonstrated as ideal quantum bits with a longcoherent time. Recently experiments on these artificial atoms being coupled to cavityphotons brings in many advantages in investigating the interactions between matter and light,such as stronger coupling strength and tunable atomic levels. Following the pioneer worksdone by Yale group, I will focus on two problems yet not been studied experimentally. First,I will incorporate the most sensitive charge sensor, namely single electron transistors(SET)in a tunable cavity so as to build a high speed charge sensor operating in a carrier frequencyabove 3GHz, much higher than those of present radio-frequency SETs. This technique mayprovide us a tool for exploring possible real-time single photon and single spin sensors. Theother problem is the incorporation of 1D arrays of Josephson junctions in such cavities so asto study possible quantum meta-materials and the absorption and emission of photons by thearrays undergoing a phase transition.
其他識別: NSC99-2112-M005-007-MY3
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