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標題: Effects of alpha-Amylase and Glycerol Levels on the Composition Optimization of Poly(beta-hydroxybutyrate-co-valerate)/Starch Blended Biodegradable Resin Analyzed with Response Surface Methodology
作者: Cheng, Wen-Yen
Peng, Jinchyau
Lui, Wai-Bun
關鍵字: additives
thermomechanical properties
chemical modification
poly(vinyl alcohol)
cassava starch
摘要: Response surface methodology was used to analyze the effects of the enzyme level (X(2)) and glycerol level (X(1)) on objective attributes [water solubility index (WSI), water absorption index (WAI), and maximum loading (Y(3))] of a cornstarch/poly(beta-hydroxybutyrate-co-valerate) blended composite. A rotatable central composite design was used to develop models for the objective responses. The experiments were run at barrel temperatures of 160, 160, 165, and 165 degrees C, with a screw speed of 40 rpm and complete feeding (filling ratio 1). Responses were most affected by changes in X(2) and to a lesser extent by X(1). Individual contour plots of the different responses were overlaid, and regions meeting the optimal WSI of 8.73%, WAI of 3.94 g of gel/g of dry weight, and Y(3) of 304.17 N were established at an X(2) of 5.43 g and an X(1) of 120.79 mL. These predicted values for the optimal process conditions were in good agreement with the experimental data. (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 120: 2571-2578, 2011
ISSN: 0021-8995
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