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標題: A Novel Non-Destructive Technology for Inspecting Eggshell Cracks Using Impulsive Response Time
作者: Li, Chung-wei
Chang, Jui-chun
Cheng, Ching-wei
Hsieh, Li-cheng
關鍵字: eggshells cracks
eggshells thickness
Hertz contact theory
collision theory
machine vision
摘要: An experiment system was built to measure the impulsive response signal and connected to two detectors, an accelerometer and a TCS (thickness and crack sensor). The received signals were then analyzed using the spectrum circuit, and the data were recorded. The response time of the impulse on the non-cracked areas was less than 0.66 ms, and on or near the cracked areas was above 0.82 ms. The response time recorded using accelerometer and TCS showed no significant difference, yet the TCS performed with buffer force and cheaper than accelerometer. Thus, the TCS was chosen and used in the commercial system. 400 million eggs detected for making preserved eggs, an accuracy of 97% required by the producer for this local made machine was satisfied as well. The automatic inspecting system represents the first device for both hen and duck eggs.
ISSN: 1344-6606
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