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標題: The Development of Pragmatic Competence in Apology
作者: 張玉芳
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 「道歉」是生活中常見的言談行為。探討特定語言或比較不同語言表達道歉的策略的相關文獻為數頗多。但探討「道歉」此一言談行為的語用發展(即:以母語道歉時,隨著年齡的增長,其表達及認知的發展差異為何)的文獻則相對稀少。國語為母語者之語用發展情形的相關研究發現不僅可以幫助學界了解其發展模式或型態,並可進而與其他語言的語用發展情形比較以剖析跨語言之語用發展情形的異同;也可為中介語語用發展提供比較對照的資訊,對學習國語為第二外語的學習者之語用發展的研究或國語為母語者學習其他第二外語時之語用發展研究有所助益。國語為母語者之語用發展的領域很廣,本研究擬針對國語為母語者之「道歉語」的發展進行探討。
Most of the studies on the speech act of apologies examined either the speech act ofapologies of a specific culture or compared the speech act of apologies across culturalgroups. There have been few reports on the development of pragmatic competence inL1 apology. This research project is intended to contribute to the body of research ondevelopmental pragmatics by examining the development of pragmatic competence inapology produced by Mandarin speakers. A cross-sectional approach will be adoptedto examine pragmatic development. The participants will comprise seven groups: 1stgrade, 3rd grade, 5th grade, 7th grade and 10th grade students, college freshmen,graduate students.
其他識別: NSC99-2410-H005-047
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