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標題: 母語對於華語口語韻律發展的影響-泰籍華語學習者的長期性個案研究
Effects of Mother Tongue in the Development of Mandarin Speech Prosody- A Longitudinal Study of Thai Learners
作者: 陳春美
關鍵字: 基礎研究
Chinese as a Second Language
speech prosody
Thai learners
longitudinal study
摘要: 本研究計畫旨在探討泰籍華語學習者華語聲調與口語韻律發展的歷程,根據泰籍學習者對於華語聲調與口語韻律聽辨感知的長期性追蹤個案研究,提出母語為聲調語言的泰籍學習者聽辨感知華語聲調與口語韻律的特點,應用於華語聲調教學的實務上,並進一步開發針對初級泰籍華語學習者的教學及學習策略,提升初籍泰籍華語學習者的華語聲調準確度及對於華語口語韻律的掌握度。本研究計畫主要的研究對象為國立中興大學語言中心華語班的初級及中級泰籍華語學習者,根據其華語程度與學習的進度分級,接受本計畫一年期的長期性定期測試與追蹤。計畫的重點在於研究母語為聲調語言學習者聲調聽辨、口語韻律與製造的發展階段,以及口語韻律與單字單詞聲調感知之間的相關性。計畫預期以泰籍華語學習者個案學習聲調的歷程論述,應用於對外華語教學與學習研究,建立具體的學習目標與學習策略。
The project investigates the process and development of second language acquisition of Mandarin tones, speech prosody, and effects of mother tongue in the production and perception of Mandarin tonal tasks. Longitudinal studies will be conducted to examine the role of mother tongue in the production and the perception of Mandarin tones and speech prosody. Earlier studies focused on the perception of monosyllabic or disyllabic Mandarin tones, without accounting for the contextual variability of speech prosody. Different tones frequently differ not only in fundamental frequency (f0) but also in duration, amplitude, and voice quality. It has been widely agreed that fundamental frequency (f0) is the absolutely indispensable cue to tonal identification and discrimination, and that duration does affect the perception and identification of Mandarin tones. Native speakers of Mandarin may perceive Mandarin tones categorically, but non-native speakers, with unequal perception of Mandarin tonal contrasts, have difficulties in tonal tasks. Native speakers of Thai, on the other hand, have innate knowledge about tones, may have different performance from English speakers on Mandarin tonal tasks. The development of tonal tasks among second language learners is not clear, and very few researchers have paid attention to the second language acquisition of Mandarin tones and speech prosody. Empirical and longitudinal studies on second language learners' development of Mandarin tones are definitely in need.The goal of the project is to examine the production and perception of Mandarin tones and speech prosody by Thai learners. The patterns of tonal acquisition of Thai learners will be identified, and the accessibility of Mandarin tones and speech prosody will be tracked and analyzed. Mandarin learners with Thai native background will participate in the tonal production and perception tasks, and tonal identification training will be given to the learners in both communicative and instructional conditions. Linguistic patterns and tonal learning stages of Thai learners will be investigated, and pedagogical and learning strategies of Mandarin tonal tasks will be provided for Mandarin teachers and Thai learners.
其他識別: NSC99-2410-H005-043
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