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標題: Effects of Various Carbon Source and Their Addition Modes on the Xylanase Production of Trichoderma longibrachiatum 185
碳源種類暨添加模式對Trichoderma longibrachiatum 185聚木糖�篕冗� 之影響
作者: 陳義強
Chen, Yih-Chung
關鍵字: Carbon Source
出版社: 食品科學系
摘要: Hemicellulose is the second most abundant biomass to cellulose that is available in nature, and consists largely of xylan. Xylan remains to be a under-utilized resource until now. The objectives of this study are to determine the effects of adding some non-xylan compounds such as avicel, cellulose, lactose and sorbose, in alone or combined, to a medium with or without oat spelt xylan on the production of xylanase by T. longibrachiatum 185. In addition, xylanase induction by T. longibrachiatum 185 grown on the medium containing the extracted hemicellulose from agricultural wastes was also studued. The addition of avicel 、cellulose、lactose or sorbose (1%) to the medium containing 0.5% oat spelt xylan gave maximum xylanase and CMCase production when these non-xylan compounds were added at the day0 or day 1 of cultivation. Intermittent feeding of the sorbose(% each) every 24 hr up to 2 days or 3 days to the culture broth of T. longibrachiatum 185 led to the enhanced production of xylanase and to 38% and 58%, respectively. Presence of surfactants such as Tween 80 or sorbitan at a concentration of 0.2% stimulated xylanase production of T. longibrachiatum. Two-stage cultivation method the cells were initially cultivated in the presence of either one non-xylan substance alone, followed by transferring them to the other xylan-based medium enhanced production of xylanase, but the production of cellulase was inhibited. Replacement of oat spelt xylan in the Mandels-Reese medium by combinations of non-xylan compounds( either two from avicel, sorbose , lactose or cellulose) improve the yield of xylanase or CMCase, especially for the combination of 0.5% cellulose and 0.5% lactose.Similarly, combinations of non-xylan compounds(either three from avicel, sorbose or cellulose) also had stimulating effects. The combination of 0.8% sorbose、0.1%avicel and 0.1%cellulose offered the best result for the strain to produce the highest amount of xylanase. Of hemicellulosic wastes tested, pulp, wood chip and water bamboo husk acted as the best carbon source for T. longibrachiatum to produce the highest amount of xylanase, and CMCase too.
半纖維素為自然界中含量僅次於纖維素之碳水化合物,其主要成份為聚木 糖,目前仍屬於低度開發利用。本研究乃探討添加非聚木糖物質如avicel 、cellulose、lactose或sorbose,單獨或其等之組合,至含或不含燕麥 聚木糖之Mandels-Reese培養基時對T. longibrachiatum 185生產聚木糖 之影響。另外,亦探討利用取自農產廢棄物之半纖維素為碳源時對酵素 誘導之影響。 於不同培養期間(第0、1、3及5天)添加avicel、 cellulose、lactose或sorbose至含0.5%燕麥聚木糖之培養基皆會促進聚 木糖及纖維素活性。除sorbose以第0天添加效果較佳,其它皆以第一 天添加者較佳。將四種醣類進行連續添加試驗,結果以sorbose在連續添 加二次及三次(每次1%)時可提昇38%及58%聚木糖之活性。 培 養基中乳化劑存在(0.2% Tween 80或sorbitan)可刺激聚木糖產生,而 未添加者則反之。以兩階段式培養法(先以任一種非聚木糖物質培養,再 轉移至含聚木糖之培養基中),不但可提昇聚木糖活性且可抑制纖維素 之生成。 在總添加量為1%,以混合醣類(任意二種非聚木糖物質 之組合)取代Mandels-Reese培養基中之聚木糖為碳源時,以0.5% lactose配合0.5% cellulose具促進聚木糖及纖維素活性效果;而以 混合醣類(任意三種醣類)為碳源時,以0.8% sorbose配合0.1% avicel 及0.1% cellulose亦具同樣效果。在不同半纖維素來源對酵素誘導方面 ,發現以紙漿、鋸木屑或茭白筍為碳源時在促進聚木糖及纖維素活性 之效果最佳,亦比用燕麥聚木糖為碳源者佳。
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