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標題: An Efficient Rdf Indexing Method for Sparql Query Processing
作者: 廖宜恩
關鍵字: 資訊科學--軟體
摘要: 由於目前的電腦系統對於網頁內容的「意義」(meaning or semantic)仍無法完全理解,因此,由機器自動處理網頁資料仍然無法實現。語意網(Semantic Web)與語意搜尋(Semantic Search)概念的推出,主要是為了幫助電腦系統了解網頁內容的「意義」,進一步能自動化處理網頁資料。然而,上述系統的建立,與語意網基礎元件RDF(Resource Description Framework)技術的發展以及是否能夠有效率地查詢RDF資料息息相關。目前已知的SPARQL查詢與RDF索引研究中,仍無一套節省RDF索引空間與快速回應SPARQL Join查詢的整合方案,本計畫提出一個節省空間且有效率的RDF索引演算法,支援RDF查詢語言-SPARQL,能快速地查詢RDF資料。本研究的成果可以作為發展語意網與語意搜尋等應用的基礎。
The meaning or semantics of web information could not be fully understood by computers at this stage. As a result, computers cannot process web information directly or automatically. The purpose of semantic web or semantic search is to add semantics to web information or search. To do this, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has developed Resource Description Framework (RDF) as a major technology for representing information about resources in the World Wide Web. Therefore, querying RDF data efficiently is an important technique for realizing semantic web.There are several algorithms proposed for indexing RDF data in the past several years. However, the problem of reducing index size and fast SPARQL JOIN processing remains. In this research proposal, we will propose an efficient RDF indexing method for SPARQL query processing. The proposed indexing method can not only reduce the index size but also has fast response time for SPARQL queries. The performance of the proposed scheme will be evaluated against with other RDF indexing methods such as TripleT and Hexastore.
其他識別: NSC100-2221-E005-070
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