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標題: 觸媒焚化模式結合最佳化方法求取處理揮發性有機物質的動力參數
A Study on Reaction Kinetics for the Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds by Catalytic Incineration
作者: 哲, 吳坤
wu, k.j.
關鍵字: Incineration
Volatile Organic Compounds
出版社: 環境工程學系
摘要: 摘 要學術上求取觸媒焚化處理揮發性有機物質的反應動力參數,常將 觸媒顆粒磨碎成小顆粒以忽略質傳效應並假設反應器為柱塞流的形式,但 往往因為求取方法的缺陷或反應速率式的複雜,導致求取過程受阻。本研 究建立蜂巢式、填充式與柱塞流式觸媒床模式,並利用平板狀與顆粒狀觸 媒效率因子的定義,將觸媒內部反應以表面反應表示,以簡化蜂巢式與填 充式觸媒床模式。研究中共採用七個不同的反應速率式,並可與觸媒床模 式任意搭配使用。此外,本研究依最小平方法的原則,推導使目標函數達 到最小平方和的方法,作為求取動力參數的基礎。而為能精確求得反應速 率式中的參數,探討並找出動力參數主要牽連的操作因子以建立求取動力 參數的方法,再以文獻中的實驗數據進行動力參數求取,並根據迴歸結果 找出最適合的反應速率式。最後,以求得的動力參數值與速率式為基礎, 探討操作與設計因子對揮發性有機物質轉化率的影響,作為操作與設計觸 媒焚化反應器的參考依據。
ABSTRACTCatalytic pellets are often ground into grains to neglect the effect of mass transfer and the reactor is assumed as plug flow type for gaining reaction kinetics parameters of treating volatile organic compounds(VOCs) by catalytic incineration. But gaining process is often impeded because of the complexity of reaction rate expressions and the defect of searching methods.In this research, monolith, packed and plug flow catalytic beds models are developed. For simplifying monolith and packed bed models, intrinsic reaction in catalysts is transformed into surface reaction by setting the definition of effectiveness factor. Seven different reaction rate expressions are adopted and can be collocated with catalytic models willingly. The method of minimizing objective function is the basic of gaining kinetics parameters, and it is obtained according to the least square principle. Furthermore, the main operating factors involved with kinetic parameters are ascertained to develop the method of optimizing parameters for gaining parameters in rate expressions exactly. The published experimental data are based to gain the kinetics parameters, so as to find the most suitable reaction rate expression. At last, the effect of operating factors in catalytic model based on kinetic parameters optimized is discussed as to be the base for design and operation of catalytic incinerator.
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