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標題: 靜電提昇旋風集塵器收集次微米微粒效率之研究
Eohanced Collection Efficiency of Submicron Particles by Electrocyclone
作者: 廖俊賢
Liao, Chun-Shien
關鍵字: Electrocyclone
Collection efficiency
Submicron particles
Ammonium chloride
出版社: 環境工程學系
摘要: 次微米微粒最難被傳統除塵設備收集,本研究主旨則在於探討靜電旋風集 塵器對次微 米微粒收集之可行性。實驗採用的靜電旋風集塵器為 sTAIRMAND高效率切線進氣式,其電 極棒置於出口管中央,兩個測試的 旋風集塵器直徑為13.3公分及25.0公分,測試4種不同 粗、細、長、短 之電極棒。實驗在不同入口氣流速度、施加電壓及入口粉塵負荷條件下進 行,旋風集塵器入口流速控制在5.7 ~ 26.0 M/S之間,施加電壓介於0 ~ 50 Kv,次微米 微粒的來源為在實驗室中利用曝氣法混合hcL及 nh4oh而 生成之氯化銨微粒。. 研究結 果顯示,於旋風集塵器內施加電場可大 幅提昇對次微米微粒之收集效率,總質量收集效率 皆隨入口氣流速度的 增加而減小,效率最高可達86 %。電極棒的直徑愈小,有愈佳的效能 表 現,電極棒的長度不需太長,只要達到圓柱本體下緣即可既有效率又合乎 經濟效益。一 般而言,尺寸大的旋風集塵器於相同的操作條件下效率較 小尺寸的靜電旋風集塵器為低,但於相同的電暈功率比消耗下,靜電收集 的效率與尺寸無關,此結果顯示每單位體積流率 所消耗之電暈功率為決 定靜電旋風集塵器收集效率的唯一參數,任何尺寸的靜電旋風集塵器都可 由實際操作所消耗的電暈功率比預測靜電收集效率。
The submicron particles were the most difficult to be collected by the conve ntional dust removal devices. The purpose of this study was to investigate the applicability of using an electrocyclone to collect the submicron particles. The electrocyclone were Stairmand high-efficiency and tangential inlet-type wi th electrode inserted into the center of cyclone outlet. Two cyclones were tes ted in this study and their diameters were 13.3 cm and 25.0 cm. Totally four e lectrodes of various diameters and lengthes were used and the experiments were conducted under various inlet flow velocities, applied voltages, and mass loa dings. The inlet velocities and the applied voltages were varied between 5.7 t o 26.0 m/s and 0 to 50 kV, respectively.The submicron particles were ammonium chloride aerosols generated by mixingthe vapors of HCl and NH4 OH. The results showed that The electric field significantly improve theperformance of submic ron particles. Such enhancement effect was reduced withhigher flow rate. The b est collection efficiencies of the ammonium chlorideaerosols by the electrocyc lones could achieve to 86 %. Thinner electrode was more effective than the thi ck one. However the shorter electrode was found more economical. In general th e larger electrocyclone was less effective than the smaller one under the same operational condition, but both had the same efficiency when both consumed th e same corona power ratio. It indicated that the corona power ratio was the un ique parameter to determine the collection efficiency of the submicrone partic les by using electrocyclone.
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