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標題: 95-97年度中部五縣市衛生局抽查食品中添加防腐劑結果
Investigation on Food Preservatives of Central Taiwan Five Counties and Cities during 2006-2008 by Health Bureau
作者: 李清輝
Li, Ching-Hui
關鍵字: Food Preservatives
出版社: 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
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摘要: This investigation to start in 2006-2008 in February to carry out the central area five counties & cities sanitation bureau to examine the class union division of labor examination, by food sanitation division's examiners of Taichung City, Nantou County, Miaoli County, Zhanghua County and Taichung county to the sell spot check to various of food, by way of the low temperature delivers to the Taichung City sanitation bureau carries on the preservative examination, this inspection method rests on of preservative inspection procedure the Executive Yuan health bureau announcement, altogether examines the benzoic acid, the sorbic acid and the dehydration acetic acid three kind of ingredients, receives specimens total 5,596 from February to December. The examination result showed that, picks out number of articles altogether1955, picking out rate is 35%, further analyzes various counties & cities to deliver examines the situation, Miaoli County picking out rate 47% the highest, Taichung county picking out rate 26% the lowest, it picks out the ingredient to eliminate Miaoli County to pick out the benzoic acid to be in the majority, other county cities all take pick out the sorbic acid as many, analyzes each month to deliver examines the quantity and examines the output, discovered 9-11 month quantity is biggest. Whole year delivers examines food type, various counties & cities delivers examines the most respectively is Taichung City rice wet product 501 and the Taichung rice wet product 341, Miaoli County rice wet product 223. Zhanghua County rice wet product 256. Nantou County rice wet product 194, ,. Five counties cities deliver examine the result, the sorbic acid pick out by rice wet product 317. most, next for bean product 302, the benzoic acid are most by pickled vegetables 289, next for bean product 95, dehydration acetic acid 24 all for rice wet product. The analysis picks out the density scope, sorbic acid 776 is 0.11-1.0 g/kg most, next 168 are 1.01-2.0 g/kg, the benzoic acid is 519 0.11-1.0 g/kg are most, next is 170 1.01-2.0g/kg, dehydration acetic acid 22 is 0.11-1.0 g/kg, next is 5 0.01-0.10 g/kg. Comprehensive survey this investigation result, Miaoli County not qualified rate highest 17% (161/964), Taichung county not qualified rate lowest 6% (88/1528), five counties cities not qualified rate is 10% (504/5596), depends on food type to classify in addition looked, pickled vegetables not qualified rate highest 28%(130/468), rice wet product next 11% (168/1515), baking food to be lowest 6% (24/414).
本研究始於95年2月開始執行中部五縣市衛生局檢驗科聯合分工檢驗,由台中市、南投縣、苗栗縣、彰化縣及台中縣等食品衛生科稽檢人員至各轄區食品賣場抽驗,由該局檢驗科以低溫宅配方式,統一送至台中市衛生局依據行政院衛生署公告之防腐劑檢驗方法檢驗苯甲酸、己二烯酸及去水醋酸三種成分。 95年所收檢體1408件、96年2005件、97年2183件,3年總計共5596件。總計三年檢出件數共1955件,總檢出率為35%;不合格件數504件及不合格檢出率9%。 五縣市三年間送檢結果,苗栗縣送檢964件,不合格率17%最高,其次為臺中市1363件,不合格率11%,南投縣832件,不合格率10%, 彰化縣909件,不合格率8%,臺中縣1528件,不合格率6%,顯示部分送檢數少不合格率卻偏高縣市之稽查資源仍有加強的空間。 食品別送檢數及不合格率,以米濕製品添加己二烯酸不合格率6%最高(送檢數5596件),其次為肉加工5%,豆製品3%,烘焙製品2%,醬菜1%,其他製品1%,糖漬果實1%;添加苯甲酸以醬菜5%最高(送檢數5596件),糖漬果實2%,豆製品2%,米濕製品2%,麵濕製品1%,其他製品0.9%,複合調理0.7%,肉加工0.4%,建議未來農政單位應加強對相關廠商的輔導,以改正過量添加防腐劑的違規行為。
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