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標題: Expression of Neisseria Meningitidis-Specific Antibody in Transgenic Rice
作者: 楊秋英
關鍵字: 生物技術, 農藝, 藥學
摘要: High cost of production has limited the clinical use of antibody as the therapeutic reagent. Using rice, the major crop in Taiwan, as the bioreactor will not only reduce the cost of antibody production but also increase the economic values of rice. The ultimate goal of this project is to establish transgenic rice for the production of antibody specific for Neisseria meningitides, the major cause for meningitis, bacteremia and septicemia. In this study, the antibody genes will be clones from hybridoma producing the specific antibody. After confirming by nucleotide sequencing, the antibody gene will be cloned into the plant cell expression plasmids. The resultant plasmids will be introduced into the rice cells by agrobacterium-mediated transformation system. The anticipated results of this study will increase the economic value of rice, consequently will promote the competence of Taiwan in the field of antibody biotechnology.
其他識別: 91農科-3.1.1-糧-Z4(9)
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