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標題: 畜產品β-lactam抗生素殘留快速檢驗試劑之開發
Development of ELISA Kit Detecting Βeta-Lactam Residue in Animal Products
作者: 茅繼良
關鍵字: 應用研究
食品科技, 畜牧獸醫類
Drug Residue
摘要: 傳統之藥物殘留所使用的檢測方法如Bioassay, HPLC, GC等方法,需要很多步驟,花費很長時間才能檢測出結果,β-lactam藥物包括ampicillin, penicillin, amoxicillin等多種抗生素,為檢測β-lactam抗生素之殘留,以擴大β-lactam類藥物殘留初部篩選工作,有必要開發β-lactam抗生素殘留快速檢測試劑.實驗步驟包含: 1. 對抗β-lactam藥物單株抗體之製造 2. β-lactam藥物及HRP呈色劑之衍生物製備 3. 合成衍生物與蛋白結合體之製 4. 進行實驗室檢驗試劑品質測 5. 進行田間樣品檢驗試劑品質測試 6. 完成檢驗試劑開發,建立檢驗方法.開發完成之β-lactam抗生素殘留快速檢驗試劑可作為擴大篩選檢驗上市前禽畜產品之檢測工作,並可做為畜牧場獸醫師進行快速篩選藥物殘留之禽畜產品上市之用,有效防範藥物殘留.
There are many methods for detection of Beta-lactam including TLC, HPLC, GC, LC, and CE. However, the sample to be tested need to extracted first and it takes a lot of time. In order to screen large amount of samples it is necessary to find a rapid, sensitive test, ELISA might be a good idea choice for this purpose. To develop ELISA kit, the following steps should be performed: 1. Production of monoclone antibody. 2. Conjugation of beta-lactam with HRP. 3. Conjugation of beta-lactam with macromolecule. 4. Test quality of ELISA kit. 5. Field trial of kit. 6. Establishment of standard test procedure Hopefully, the kit can be used in large scale to screen the product of meat and milk before marketing, to reduce the risk of drug contamination in these product.
其他識別: 89科技-6.1-檢-68
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