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標題: 懷孕母牛新包蟲之診斷技術開發與治療
Development of Diagnostic Methods and Therapy for Neosporosis in Pregnant Cattle
作者: 黃鴻堅
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 新包( Neospora caninum )是屬於Apicomplex的原蟲; 它會引起犬隻及牛隻的神經肌肉性麻痺, 也會造成牛、綿羊、山羊、馬及鹿的流、死產.目前已證實它可由經口食入卵囊及胎盤感染來傳播; 犬是終宿主.針對台灣25個牧場的血清中N.caninum抗體反應結果: 647隻牛中, 發現46%( 302/647 )有N.caninum抗體陽性反應; 30隻牧場犬中, 發現有11隻呈N.caninum抗體陽性反應.某些陽性牛場會有高流產率, 因此迫切需要了解其流行病學及其在家畜的控制.為了暸解台灣N.caninum的疫情及特性, 本研究計畫預定進行下列試驗: 1.持續進行牛、山羊、狗、貓及其他家畜血清學調查, 以了解台灣的疫情, 除血清外, 用其它體液如: 乳汁、陰道分泌物及唾液等進行N.caninum之抗體反應的檢測及分析.2.發展利用乳汁診斷法代替血清N.caninum抗體檢測.3.檢測與分析其他體液如: 陰道分泌物、唾液之抗體.4.應用血清IgM及IgG的診測決定藥物治療時機來預防流產.5.應用PCR檢測法診斷流產胎牛N.caninum DNA.6.分離台灣的N.caninum: 利用本地血清抗體陽性且有臨床症狀的動物或流產胎兒的組織接種免疫抑制的囓齒類體內.7.編撰N.caninum的診斷標準手冊.預期效益: ( 1 )開發利用乳汁來診斷牛隻N.caninum感染的技術, 以減少採血之人力及對牛隻所造成的緊迫; 未來可進一步應用於其他微生物疾病的診斷.( 2 )利用血清中IgM抗體來確診N.caninum的急性感染, 並在母牛懷孕初期投藥治療, 以降低其流產率, 了解母牛抗體及犢牛移行抗體的變化.( 3 )選擇牛隻N.caninum血清抗體及流產率高的牧場, 進行懷孕初期的抗體陽性率調查後; 進行抗原蟲的藥物治療, 例如: Trimethoprim, 並監測治療效果及血清變化之間的相關性.持續監測台灣地區家畜牛、羊、馬及牧場犬等N.caninum的疫情.
Neospora caninum is a protozoan parasite known to cause neuromuscular paralysis in dogs and cattle, and also abortion in cattle, sheep, goats and deer.Oocyst ingestion and transplacental transmission are the recognized mode of transmission for this protozoan.Dogs serve as its definitive host.Our serological survey for antibodies against N.caninum in 25dairy farms in Taiwan, showed that 46%( 302/647 )of the cattle, and 11out of 30farm dogs were serologically positive.Some of these dairy farms had high frequency of abortion among the cattle.This indicates that N.caninum may be a major cause of abortion in cattle in Taiwan.Thus, there is an urgent need not only to clarify the epidemiology but also to control this parasite in livestock in Taiwan.In this project for the prophylactic and therapy of N.caninum, we propose to do the following: 1.Clarify the prevalence of N.caninum infection Taiwan by continuing to carry out the serological survey on cattle, goats, dogs, cats and other domestic animals.2.Developing a diagnostic method whereby milk can be used instead of serum for the detection of antibodies to N.caninum.3.Detection and analysis of the classes of antibodies to N.caninum in body fluids such as vagina secretion and saliva.4.Attempt to prevent abortion in cattle by monitoring the kinetics of serum IgM and IgG, followed by the initiation of chemotherapy.5.Use of PCR to detect N.caninum DNA in aborted cattle fetus to confirm neosporosis.6.Isolating N.caninum from local domestic animals and passaging them in immunodeficient rodents.7.Edit a Standard Operation Procedure ( SOP )information for the diagnosis of neosporosis in Taiwan.Expected results ( 1 )By developing the milk as a sample for the use in the diagnosis of neosporosis, we will be able to do away with withdrawing blood, which causes stress to the animal.( 2 )By monitoring the dynamics of serum IgM during the pregnancy of the cattle, we will be able to understand the relationship between abortion and the changes in antibody titers.( 3 )We hope to establish a chemotherapy protocol against abortion in cattle farms with high prevalence of neosporosis.( 4 )We will continue to conduct the epidemiological surveillance for neosporosis in cattle, goats, horses and farm dogs in Taiwan
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