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標題: A Study of Developing a Kit for the Diagnosis of Feline Herpesvirus and Chlamydia
作者: 林永昌
關鍵字: 應用研究
生物技術, 畜牧獸醫類
摘要: 成功利用原核或真核表現系統生產抗原反應,以免疫連結吸附分析法(enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, ELISA)做抗原-抗體分析,並以具有專一性及敏感性方式,偵測出患有貓疱疹病毒及披衣菌貓隻抗原-抗體免疫結合反應,判讀結果可跟核酸分析法(RT-PCR)看是否吻合.並比較兩者診斷方法的敏感性、特異性,以作為採用來開發試紙試驗的基礎,擬開發方便、快速的診斷建立模式.此結果亦可提供疫情監控,進而防範人畜共通傳染病,並提供動物醫療院所一系列方便且迅速的初步血清學檢查診斷工具.無論於疫情監控上,人畜共通傳染病,以及貓之臨床疾病診斷方面,均有快速、確實的診斷技術,方可迅速加以防範及治療,以方便掌握國內疫情的監控,更可提升貓寵物貓疱疹病毒及披衣菌的診斷率,而予以對症下藥.
To detect antibody against feline herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1) in the sera of cats, the sensitivity and specificity of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) using nuclear antigen will be investigated. The standardized optical density readings (ODs) of the ELISA obtained by the 1-step serum dilution (1:80) method will be compared with the serum neutralization test (SNT) results, with a correlation of 0.993, and with the hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test results, with a correlation of 0.851. These results indicate that with the present ELISA using nuclear antigen, there are fewer demands on time and labor, making the method convenient for monitoring FHV-1 infection.
其他識別: 92農科-1.8.2-檢-B3(5)
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