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標題: 產後泌乳牛繁殖障礙疾病之調查與防治
Investigation and Prevention of Reproductive Disorders in Postpartum Dairy Cows
作者: 陳鵬文
關鍵字: 應用研究
Postpartum Dairy Cows
Reproductive Disorders
Investigation and Prevention
摘要: 根據95年度之調查結果,本省乳牛仍以繁殖障礙、乳房炎及蹄病仍同列三大疾病之一,其中尤以繁殖障礙高居乳牛最大淘汰原因。乳牛產後的子宮感染會造成日後卵巢發生功能性障礙,因而導致母牛產後長時間不發情期。而在台灣乳牛於夏季分娩後經常發生胎衣滯留及子宮炎(> 26.2%),更嚴重影響乳牛之繁殖性能及延長乳牛的空胎期。本計劃目標將針對乳牛繁殖障礙的病因分成卵巢、子宮及流產等三方面作一全面性的病因調查與疾病防治之研究,以儘速改善台灣酪農長期所面臨之重要問題。本年度研究在於調查乳牛產後造成子宮炎之病原,因而了解感染產後子宮的細菌種類及其藥物敏感性,可提供治療胎衣滯留的牛隻的用藥依據,以期改善台灣乳牛產後之繁殖性能。本實驗室初步對8頭胎衣滯留牛隻進行子宮菌相之調查,初步結果顯示以E. coli、Arcanobacterium pyogenes以及Arcanobacterium haemolyticum等為主,以選定之藥物處理皆可有效治療,患牛之空胎期相較對照組明顯的縮短(131.6 ± 31.1天vs 251.9 ± 46.4天;P<0.05),以此治療模式對治療胎衣滯留牛隻應可獲得相當好的療效,未來將繼續擴大病例蒐集,以確定病源及疾病防治模式。
According to the investigation in 2006, it was reported that bovine reproductive disorders, mastitis and lameness were the 3 major problems of dairy cows in Taiwan. Indeed, the infertility problem played especially an important role of cow culling. Postpartum bacterial contamination in the uterus usually contributed to endometritis which may suppress ovarian function in the puerperal period. Furthermore, heat stress influenced the occurrence of retained placenta and/or metritis ( > 26.2% ) which decreased the reproductive performance of postpartum dairy cows in Taiwan. The aim of this project is to investigate the reproductive problems of dairy cows, including the postpartum dysfunction of ovaries and uterus, and abortion, in order to improve the subsequent reproductive performance. The experiment of this study this year is designed to investigate the microbial flora of postpartum metritis and to find the effective medical manipulation. The preliminary result of this study indicated that E. coli, Arcanobacterium pyogenes and Arcanobacterium haemolyticum played a key role of uterine contamination in 8 infected cows. Adminstration of oxytocin and ceftiofur could significantly decrease the open days of cows suffering from puerperal metritis(131.6 ± 31.1天vs 251.9 ± 46.4天;P<0.05). Further work is therefore necessary to amplify the sample size for establishing a better prevention model of the puerperal metritis in dairy cows.
其他識別: 96農科-14.2.1-檢-B2(3)
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