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標題: 產後泌乳牛繁殖障礙疾病之調查與防治(II)
Investigation and Prevention of Reproductive Disorders in Postpartum Dairy Cows (II)
作者: 陳鵬文
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類
摘要: 根據95年度之調查結果,本省乳牛仍以繁殖障礙、乳房炎及蹄病仍同列三大疾病之一,其中尤以繁殖障礙高居乳牛最大淘汰原因。產後乳牛卵巢疾病仍以卵巢囊腫為主,本省酪農對於卵巢囊腫病牛在未加診斷前即自行治療,許多病牛因不當荷爾蒙製劑的治療反而更加延長其空胎期,最後往往慘遭淘汰的命運,對酪農造成不少的經濟損失。本年度研究之目的在於調查乳牛產後卵巢疾病之病因,並比較幾種不同治療方式,以提供治療乳牛產後卵巢疾病的用藥依據,以期改善台灣乳牛產後之繁殖性能。本實驗室初步以超音波診斷23頭濾泡囊腫,以及8頭黃體囊腫之產後乳牛,並分別以GnRH或Prostaglandin進行治療,治療後31頭患牛全部恢復正常動情週期,其中24頭確定懷孕,總懷孕率為77.4%。未來將繼續擴大病例蒐集,以提供現場獸醫師對產後乳牛卵巢功能異常之防治及有效的治療模式。
According to the investigation in 2006, it was reported that bovine reproductive disorders, mastitis and lameness were still the 3 major problems of dairy cows in Taiwan. Indeed, the infertility problem played especially an important role of cow culling. Cystic ovarian disease remains a common and costly reproductive disorder of dairy cows. Incorrect differentiation of ovarian cysts followed by inappropriate treatment is a problem in the field. Many cows suffering from ovarian cysts administered with an inaccurate hormone therapy may increase their open days and are culled finally by the owners. The aim of this study this year is designed to investigate the ovarian diseases in postpartum dairy cows. The effect of different hormone therapy on ovarian cysts will be investigated in order to make the dairy clinicians aware of the accurate medical intervention and to improve the postpartum fertility of the dairy cows. The preliminary results indicated that ultrasonography has determined 23 cases for follicular cysts and 8 for luteal cysts in postpartum dairy cows. All 31 cows returned to a normal estrus cycle after treatment with either GnRH or Prostaglandin, with 24 cows (77.4 %) becoming pregnant. Further work is therefore necessary to amplify the sample size for establishing a better model of prevention as well as treatment of ovarian dysfunction in the postpartum dairy cows.
其他識別: 97農科-14.2.1-檢-B1(19)
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