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標題: 調查牛乳房炎導致產業之經濟影響及建立台灣乳牛因應氣候變遷之健康管理標準模式
Investigation of Economic Impact of Bovine Mastitis and Establishment of Standard Model of Health Management According to Climate Change in Dairy Cows in Taiwan
作者: 莊士德
關鍵字: 技術發展
Bovine mastitis
Economic impact
health management
climate change
摘要: 乳牛乳房炎乃造成國內乳牛產業最嚴重的疾病之一,估計每年乳產量損失約有4.3億台幣,此還不包括因乳房炎或是高乳體細胞數而廢棄的生乳以及醫藥費用或牛隻淘汰的經濟損失,但目前仍尚未有研究調查台灣之乳房炎損失,因此本試驗乃希望評估台灣乳牛乳房炎所造成之經濟損失的程度,強化酪農現場乳房炎防治的重要性,提出正確且切合實際之乳房炎防治方法,提升乳牛飼養之經濟效益。乳牛在分娩後到泌乳早期的期間,由於產仔和泌乳兩大緊迫因子的影響,導致乾物質採食量不足,而使得牛隻極易負能量平衡,引起各項疾病,造成產能嚴重下降。而要有效的防治牛隻發生代謝性疾病,最重要的就是精準地、平衡地餵飼。本試驗目的乃希望監控牧場牛隻於乾乳期、產後、泌乳初期、中期及後期等牛隻的健康情形,加上牧場的飼養管理及乳量的表現,提出牧場管理缺失並加以改善,避免產後疾病的發生,進而達到增加牧場的飼養效益之目的。
Bovine mastitis can be considered as the most economic lost of diseases in dairy industry. The primary estimation of lost could reach 430millions NT dollars, and it still doesn't conclude the lost of discarding the mastitic milk and milk with high somatic cell count, veterinary treatment cost, and culling of sick cows. But till now, there is not yet a investigation about economic impact of mastitis in Taiwan. The first aim of this study is to evaluate the degree of economic impact of bovine mastitis in Taiwan, to promote the opinion of prevention of mastitis, and mention the practical methods of prevention of mastitis, and benefit the dairy industry. After parturition, the milking cows is more susceptible to develop diseases and to decrease production ability because of stress from calving and milking, decreased dry matter intake, and negative energy balance. To effectively prevent the metabolic diseases, it is important to accurately feed the dairy cows with energy balance. The second aim of this study is to monitor the health condition of dairy cows in dry period, post partum, early stage, middle stage, and late stage of lactation. In addition, the feeding and management and milk yield performance will be monitored with mention of the disadvantage of management to prevent postpartal diseases and to benefit the effect of farm economic.
其他識別: 100農科-2.1.2-牧-U1(5)
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