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標題: 有機蔬菜栽培介質研發
Studies on Developing Manmade Medium from Agricultural Wastes for Growing Vegetables in Organic Farming System
作者: 黃裕銘
關鍵字: 農業化學類, 園藝
摘要: 有機農業之蔬菜栽培有些農戶採用進口介質,然而,本省農業廢棄物相當多,因此,如何將農業廢棄物製作成衛生之栽培介質,不僅可使農民受益亦可降低進口介質帶入病源之風險。本計劃研究本省含高量木質素及纖維素大宗廢棄物(如香菇太空包介質、稻殼、蔗渣、木屑或樹皮等)之物理特特性及化學特性,再研究介質製作,並種植小白菜以測試其效益。
Some organic farmers using imported medium to grow their vegetables. Therefore, it is valuable to develop local growing medium by compost local wastes containing high content of cellulose and lignin. This will recycle the agricultural wastes and decrease the import-dependent use of growing medium. The final aim of this study series is on recycling agricultural wastes into hygiene growing medium for vegetables in organic farming system. The work in the first year will analyze the physical and chemical properties of agricultural wastes (mushroom waste, rice husk, wood waste, baggase, and bark) before and after composting and will grow Pak-choi to find a good combination. In the second year the main work is to extend the medium for leafy vegetables to organic farmers and to investigate a good combination for fruit vegetable growing use. In the final year, the main work is to extended the results of the previous two years to organic farmers.
其他識別: 91農科-1.1.1-糧-Z4(5)
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