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標題: 微生物肥料分析技術平台及系統建立
Developement of Analytic Technology and System for Microbial Fertilizer
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 農業化學類
摘要: 現今國內「微生物肥料」在高經濟作物區已見普遍在販售,據網站上調查約有二十家公司以上的生產業者,因無「法規」可登記微生物肥料之商品,在無法可管下,產品良莠不齊之「劣品」,普遍存在不明菌種及內含病原菌污染,甚至有非微生物肥料冒名的「偽品」。因此,容易導致「劣幣驅逐良幣」的問題,對購買之農民無產品保障功能,對農產品的消費者及對土壤環境都產生嚴重衝擊。為解決現今微生物肥料成為「合法」之新商業產品,本研究將從法規面協助制訂微生物肥料管理法規及從技術面制定檢測標準方法(SOP)及實質分析檢測與評估可行性,進而將可輔導現有肥料公司生產合法之微生物肥料產品,以便完成微生物肥料之產業合法化及正規化。
At present bacterial inoculants were prevalently used in highly economic crop farming system in Taiwan. Because there is no rule for the verification and examination for bacterial inoculants, reports from internet showed that more than twenty private companies market heterogeneous products as bioinoculants which contain unclear composition of microorganisms or being contaminated with bacterial pathogens. Even fake bacterial inoculants were also present in the fertilizer market, in which caused the competition between high-quality and fake products in the market. Farmers will easily get into trouble, losing security when such kind of things happens, and consumers also are forced to face the problems not only consider the cost but also serious impact to soil environment. In order to make bacterial inoculants become a legal commercial product in Taiwan this project is going to help in making laws for managing bacterial fertilizers and set up a standard operation procedure for examining bioinoculants. In this way the fertilizer companies will be claimed for the legal and healthy microbial fertilizers with guidance and assistance according the laws as well as promoting the legalization and normalization of microbial fertilizer industrials.
其他識別: 95農科-6.1.4-糧-Z1(3)
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