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標題: 開發微生物快速鑑定之系統
Development of a System for Microbial Fast Identification
作者: 陳鴻基
關鍵字: 農業化學類
Microbial Fertilizer
Microbial Test
Fertilizer's Act
摘要: 微生物肥料已成為農業資材的新興產業,現今國內「微生物肥料」在高經濟作物區已見普遍在販售,據網站上調查約有二十家公司以上的生產業者。微生物肥料之管理法規正在農糧署之積極推動下,將可望在近期公告及管理,使台灣農業資材管理上,達成微生物肥料產品之新里程碑,將對購買微生物肥料之農民獲得品質保障,對產業界形成了正規的商品化,對土壤環境保育更有無形的環保價值。本研究計畫之目的即在購買一部全自動微生物快速鑑定系統,以便開發此系統之應用,將有助快速鑑定微生物肥料之菌種,對微生物肥料管理及產業界均有重大貢獻。建立微生物肥料快速查檢鑑定菌種之技術及系統,是克不容緩的工作,以利微生物肥料商品之分析及管理。
The production of microbial fertilizers has become an emerging industrial as agricultural materials. Nowadays bacterial inoculants were prevalently used in highly economic crop farming system in Taiwan. Information from internet showed that more than twenty private company market biological fertilizer, and the verification and examination of microbial fertilizer regulation was being made by Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, and will be announced in the recent days. A milestone in the management and production of microbial fertilizer will be achieved, and biofertilizer will become a legal commercial product in Taiwan. Not only farmers will utilize higher quality microbial fertilizer, but also helps in the conservation of the soil environment. The present project will be undertaken to exploit a rapid bacterial identification technology by purchasing an automatic microbial identification system. A giant contribution will be made in the management of microbial fertilizers by rapid and precise identification of microorganisms. It is important to establish a rapid examination and identification system in order to set up a standard operation procedure for the microbial fertilizer industrial. In the future the fertilizer companies will be claimed for the legal and healthy microbial fertilizers with guidance and assistance according the laws as well as promoting the legalization and normalization of microbial fertilizer industrial.
其他識別: 96農科-1.1.4-糧-Z3
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