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標題: 溶鐵磷菌群微生物肥料之量產及產品品質規格化(II)
Mass Production and Quality Standardization of Fe-Solubilizing Microorganisms (II)
作者: 楊秋忠
關鍵字: 農業化學類
摘要: 台灣農田長期大量施用肥料是眾所皆知之現象,本研究已開發溶磷之生物接種劑,以便提高植株之生長作用,可達到減施化學肥料及降低土壤劣化、減少環境污染與提高農產品質及農民所得之目的。本計畫係與產業界共同合作第二年,將本研究室已篩選之溶鐵磷菌生產開發出優良商業產品,及建立產品規格化,將可轉移技術給產業界,以利提供農民應用及推廣。
It is well known that an excess of chemical fertilizers used in Taiwan have caused soil with inferior quality. Various P solubilizing bacteria have been developed by our lab., which can be used not only for the promotion of plant growth but also reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers and environmental pollution.In addition, the biological inoculants might also help in the increasing of the productivity and quality of different kinds of crops. The present project will be in collaboration with the biotech company, and the ferric phosphate solubilizers will be used to develop a superior commercial biofertilizer product. The procedures for the scale up of the biofertilizer will be standarized,in the meanwhile the present techniques will also be put into practice commercially. The application of biofertilizers will be benificial to farmers and environmental friendly.
其他識別: 97農科-1.1.4-糧-Z2
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