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標題: 植物體吸收土壤中含苯環有機污染物之研究
The Study of the Absorption of Aromatic Contaminants in Plants
作者: 施養信
關鍵字: 農業環境保護
摘要: 台灣環保意識日漸抬頭,農田遭受環境有機毒物質污染已是一大環保問題,需加強研究如何檢測農作物中環境有機毒物質,了解環境有機毒物質經土壤到農作物之含量,評估農作物中環境有機毒物質之方法有待建立,以避免經食用農作物對人類健康的衝擊。尤其環境有機毒物質成分複雜,其中不同化合物有其不同之物化特性,需要相當多的實驗,才可釐清其影響農作物之程度。本年度研究擬研發土耕環境下,作物中環境有機毒物質之含量分析技術,並建立土耕環境下,作物吸收有機污染物之模式。期望未來可繼續從耕種方式、分析技術及驗證實驗著手,整合作物栽培、微量環境有機毒物質化學分析及作物種類等方面,以建立一套預測與評估技術,以利達到建立環保及安全之生產農產品之目標。
Organic contamination is a serious issue in Taiwan, especially the contaminated farms produced crops for people. The analysis technique to detect organic pollutants in crops, the amount of organic pollutants transferred from soils to crops, and the evaluation method to model the absorption of organic pollutants are needed to prevent the health threat of crops to human. The physicochemical properties of organic pollutants are complicated so their effect on crops should be necessarily studied step by step. This study will develop the analysis methods of trace one organic pollutant in soil and crops and build the absorption model of one organic pollutant for crops grown in one soil. In the future, we will try to study different organic compounds, different crops, and different environmental media and then integrate these researches to an evaluation model for the goal of safe production of crops.
其他識別: 97農科-10.1.2-糧-Z1(1)
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