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標題: Updating the Fertilizer Analysis Methods and Establishing the Standard Operation Procedures for Fertilizer Analysis
作者: 黃裕銘
關鍵字: 農業化學類
principle for fertilizer analysis
fertilizer analysis method
摘要: 世界先進國家越來越重視肥料的品質和環境安全的關係。對於肥料的主要、次要及微量要素及重金屬濃度的控制有賴精準的分析方法及分析品質管制。本計畫目的希望於三年的時間完成肥料分析方法步驟以提供政府更新我國肥料分析方法同時建立符合國際ISO17025的分析精神。第一年在於收集比對美、日、歐等國肥料分析方法和我國現有分析方法,並以複合肥料(包括有機複合肥料)為例,建立肥料養分成分及重金屬分析方法的標準分析方法,並對相關單位人員講習訓練分析方法並比對分析結果。
The concerning of the use of fertilizers on environmental quality and safety has been increased by industrialized countries. In order to approach the goal, the establishment of accuracy analysis processes for fertilizer components, including primary, secondary, and micronutrients and heavy metals, is a crucial step. We expected to update my country's fertilizer analysis processes to follow the ISO17025 system in the three years project. In the first year we will collect the fertilizer official analysis methods from American, Japan, and European union. After the comparison of these countries' analysis method with my country's current method, we will establish some standard operation procedures (SOP) for the analysis of primary, secondary, and micronutrients and heavy metal concentrations in compound fertilizers including compound organic fertilizers. The training courses for operation personnel are also planned in this project including the testing with standard samples.
其他識別: 100農科-4.2.4-糧-Z4
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