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標題: 鄉村旅遊與農業發展
Rural Tourism and Agricultural Development
作者: 黃炳文
關鍵字: 應用研究
摘要: 隨著國人休閒旅遊風潮的開展,在綠色旅遊的趨勢下,鄉村旅遊逐漸成為重要的選項之一。農業為鄉村地區的主要產業,鄉村旅遊的特色離不開農業。台灣農業發展漸趨轉型,其中有一重要發展方向,即為休閒農業。然而此等休閒農業的發展是否能滿足鄉村旅遊的需求?再者,整體鄉村地區的農業,如何搭配休閒農業的發展?以創造具有特色的鄉村旅遊,均值得作進一步探討。
On the wave of recreation in the Taiwan, the rural tourism has gradually becomingone of the important alternatives under the tendency of green tourism. Agriculture isthe major industry in the rural area. The characteristics of rural tourism usuallyaccompany with agricultural activities. The development of agriculture in Taiwan hasgradually removed its patterns. One of the important directions is the leisureagriculture. However, could the development of leisure agriculture be satisfied withthe demand of the rural tourism? Furthermore, how the agriculture industry in ruralarea to meet the development of leisure agriculture and create the distinguishingfeatures? Those topics are deserved to study more detail.
其他識別: NSC98-2410-H005-055
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