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標題: 垂直式或水平式產業內貿易?台灣之主要製造業與食品加工業之驗證
Vertical or Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade? Evidence from Taiwan in Main Manufacturing Industry and Food Processing Industry
作者: 張國益
關鍵字: 應用研究
Vertical Intra-Industry Trade
Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade
Panel Data
Foreign Direct Investment
摘要: 有鑒於近十多年來,多國藉企業的興起,配合著生產程序的可分割性及選擇最有生產效率的國家或是區域來專業生產,而這種國際分工的生產方式,著實增加了各國之間的貿易量,也造成國家間貿易型態的改變。亞洲內的國家,因為經濟條件與生產要素的差異甚大,提供了多國藉企業一個分工的空間,造成亞洲國家之間的貿易型態在這十多年來有了劇烈的改變。在這樣子的環境之下,更嚴謹掌握台灣製造業對外的IIT、VIIT、LVIIT、HVIIT 及HIIT 等不同指標的發展情況與實證分析顯得格外重要。為了達成此研究目的,本研究嘗試測量台灣與其主要貿易對手國產業內貿易(intra -industry trade, IIT)的發展情形,之後再透過追蹤資料(panel data)的模型建立,實證分析影響台灣與主要貿易對手國之間IIT、VIIT、LVIIT、HVIIT 及HIIT等不同指標的決定因素。本研究擬從1997-2006 年間,按照與台灣進出口貿易量最大的前6 國做為分析的對象,並以占台灣進出口比例最高的前十種製造業與食品加工業做為研究的產業。本研究與過去之研究不同之處在於嘗試更精細的HS九碼將IIT 拆解成不同指標做分析,並比較台灣主要製造業與食品加工業產業內貿易決定因素之差異。
Nowadays, the arising of multinational firms make the use of fragmentation andlocation advantage to raise the specialization of production. The application ofinternational division of labor has lead to the trade flows increased substantially andthe changes of trade patterns between trading partners. Especially, Asian countrieshave provided the plenty room for international division of labor due to thesignificant differences in factor endowments and resulted in dramatic changes intrade patterns.The purpose of this study is to empirically measure and analyze the determinantsof IIT, VIIT, LVIIT, HVIIT, and HIIT in main manufacturing industry and foodprocessing industry among Taiwan and its trading partners. To do so, this study triesto measure the development of different intra-industry index among Taiwan and itsmain trading partners. Furthermore, this study tries to employ HS 9-digitdisaggregated panel data from 1997 to 2007 to empirically analyze the determinantsof IIT, VIIT, LVIIT, HVIIT, and HIIT respectively. The research target in this studyis focused on the 6 trading partners,10 leading manufacturing industry, and foodprocessing industry. Contrasting with previous studies, this study decomposes IITinto VIIT, LVIIT, HVIIT, and HIIT respectively based on detailed level and comparesthe determinants between the main manufacturing industry and the food processingindustry from Taiwan's evidence.
其他識別: NSC99-2410-H005-011
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