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標題: 建構21世紀農業人力資源培育及發展模式之研究 (II)農業人力專業訓練需求之研究
Modeling the Agricultural Manpower Training and Development for the 21century (II) A Study on Professional Training Requirements of the Agricultural Manpower
作者: 李朝賢
關鍵字: 農業推廣類
摘要: 本計畫屬第二年計畫, 研究目的主要在於透過上年度研究計畫成果中對我國未來農業人力總數量以及農業21種行業就業人力數目的預測, 進而瞭解現階段農業人力基本專業訓練的背景及發展條件, 以及規劃相關農業人力培育訓練施行的相關措施, 透過實地訪查及專家討論, 確立農業人力專業訓練的需求.為達此研究目的, 首先廣泛回顧研讀相關農業人力發展培育與訓練之文獻與報告; 透過田野訪問與專家意見, 蒐集資料, 以具體對於農業人力專業訓練的基本需求, 有所掌握.並進一步, 綜合前述工作成果, 提出具體研究成果.透過資料蒐集與分析, 本研究針對農業四大分類以及21種行業類別農業人力基本專業訓練的程度背景進行瞭解, 並探討農業各行業人力專業訓練的基本需求項目與未來調整趨勢, 最後提出我國未來農業人力訓練需求的具體內涵.
This is the second-year project which is focused on the following objectives.First, to realize the background and development conditions of the basic professional trainings on the agricultural manpower among the whole agricultural sector and its 21categories.Secondly, to construct the related recommendations to imply the trainings on agricultural manpower.Last, to ensure the requirements of professional training of the agricultural manpower through the field survey and expert opinion collection.In order to obtain the above objectives, the research produces are ( 1 )to review the former researches and working results related with the manpower training and development as the foundation of the research.( 2 )to collect the actual responses using filed survey and expert opinion collection.( 3 )to integrate the results from the previous works and give the final visions on this research.The expected outcomes are listed as follows.( 1 )study the background of the fundamental professional training of the rural manpower among the major four sectors and 21categories.( 2 )identify the requirements of professional training of the agricultural manpower.( 3 )examine the basic training requirements for professional careers in the agricultural manpower.
其他識別: 90農科-1.7.4-輔-#1(3)
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