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標題: 企業國際化進程、當地化程度以及績效關係之研究
The Influence of Internationalization Patterns and Degree of Localization on the Corporate Performance-A Study on the Taiwanese Electronics Firms in China
作者: 林谷合
關鍵字: Internationalisation
摘要: 企業網絡的整體外移是台商跨國投資的重要特徵之一。台商海外設廠的主要目標是快速的建立具有價格和品質競爭力的產品製造基地,所以企業必須因地制宜,應用各種資源,並衡量投資地點的經濟與社會條件、和產業結構條件等的特性,而採取全面移植、部分移植、或是當地組建等不同生產網絡的建立模式。台灣產業的高度專業分工,以及完整綿密的產業網絡,提供台商在大陸發展的重要基礎;由於供應鏈中上游供應商的支援配合,以及下游客戶的穩定需求,使台灣企業依憑著既有產業網絡,在大陸市場緊密的合作關係,更能進一步維持台灣企業在國際市場上的優異競爭力。然而這樣的國際化模式,使得台商在國際化的進程(時程與速度)將會受到影響;另一方面,由於台商與現有供應商與客戶共同進行國際化,使得企業的當地化的程度也會有所影響。本研究將奠基於網絡理論中國際化的鏈鎖效應(lock-ineffect),探討台商在國際化進程以及當地化程度之差異,以及其對廠商在國際化時績效之影響,包括財務績效、營運績效以及市場成長績效。藉由本研究,吾人將可瞭解既有企業網絡對於進入海外市場之後的角色,以及其對企業經營上之影響。
Interfirm networks are influential in the internationalization process of smalland medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The effects of interfirm networks havebeen examined in a number of studies, however, these studies mostly focus onthe network relationships in foreign markets and only little is known specificallyabout the influence of the domestic interfirm networks in the context ofinternationalization. This may be due to the fact that domestic interfirmnetworks are usually thought of as only useful in connecting other networks inoverseas markets. The effects of interfirm cooperation on theinternationalization process of SMEs, however, tend to be ignored in priorempirical research. In particular, it is not evident that how the domestic interfirmnetwork relationships may affect the pace and pattern of international marketgrowth of SMEs.For penetrating the market and reducing operational costs, on the other hand,many of the firms have increased their degree of localization on their productionnetworks. Such approach has made the patterns of internationalization can bevery different from the traditional view. This research, therefore, aims toexamine the influence of internationalization patterns and degree of localizationon a firm's internationalization performance, including financial, operational andmarket performance. This study, therefore, aims to examine the influences of thedomestic interfirm networks on Taiwanese SMEs' internationalization patterns.
其他識別: NSC97-2410-H005-010
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