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標題: 智慧資本之研究:管理議題探討-綠色管理、人力資本與環境永續力
Green Management, Human Capital and Environmental Sustainability
作者: 莊智薰
關鍵字: 管理科學
摘要: Environmental issues are increasingly receiving attention from the public, reflecting thewidespread concern of the damages faced by the planet's ecological systems because of globalwarming. The public concern poses a specific challenge on firms, calling for the activeinvolvement of managers to adapt their strategies and management practices towardenvironmental protection. The practical and theoretical interests in the issue of “going green”and the role of organizations can play open up research inquiries. As a management scholarwho believes that preserving the natural environment is an inevitable responsibility to all of us,I would like to devote myself to exploring the issue of green management for the next decadewith the integration of human resource management and intellectual capital.To tackle the challenge of being environmental sustainable, intellectual capital mightplay a vital role. This three-year project, which represents the initial stage of my wholeresearch plan about green management, mainly focuses on structural capital (environmentalmanagement and human resource management) and human capital. The literature suggeststhat firms can reduce their negative impacts on the natural environment and further gaincompetitive advantages by addressing environmental sustainability. The environmentalmanagement system manifesting such proactive strategies helps institutionalize knowledgeand codify experience. Then, taking a further step to understand why firms commit to adoptproactive environmental management practices can help scholars and practitioners predictproactive actions of firms. In addition, previous environmental studies mainly focused ontechnology-centered initiatives on environment but largely neglected human factors in theworkplace. In this regard, firms may need to develop “green”human resource managementthat facilitates the accumulation of human capital.This research aims to examine the development of environmental management practicesand to explore what green human resource practices are effective in facilitating knowledgeactivities to accumulate higher levels of human capital, which in turn leads to betterenvironmental performance. To make causal inference of the study variables and avoidcommon method variance, the three-year (2010-2012) project employs various sources fromtop managers, HR managers, unit/establishment supervisors, and external experts in Taiwan tocollect data in different phases. In the first year, data of environmental management andpossible driving forces will be collected by surveying top managers from the 2009 top 5,000companies in manufacturing industries. In the second year, I will conduct interviews to gatherinformation about green human resource management. Items regarding human resourcepractices will be developed and validated by professionals and experts, and will be used tosurvey HR managers. In the third year, I will collect unit-level data from those respondingfirms, including knowledge activities and human capital, and then will ask those respondingfirms to report their environmental performance. The self-reported environmentalperformance will be validated by expert ratings.
由於擔憂全球暖化會傷害地球生態,環境課題逐漸受到大眾的關注,這也使得企業面臨相當挑戰,管理者必須積極地調整策略與管理作法以朝向環境保護。實務界與學術界對於「綠化」議題以及組織所應扮演角色的關注也開啟了研究探討的機會。身為管理學者,個人認為保護自然環境責無旁貸,因此希望整合本身在人力資源管理及智慧資本領域的基礎,在未來十年致力於綠色管理的研究。面對環境永續的挑戰,智慧資本可能扮演極為重要角色。此次三年期的計畫是個人整個綠色管理研究的初始階段,主要著重於結構資本(環境管理與人力資源管理)及人力資本。過去文獻建議企業藉由建構環境永續力來減少對於自然環境所造成的負面影響,而彰顯防患未然策略的環境管理系統則能將相關的知識制度化及經驗編碼化;進一步瞭解企業為何採取這些環境管理措施則有助於學者及實務界預測企業行動。此外,以往關於環境的研究主要聚焦於科技為主的創新,卻忽略職場中的人為因素,在這方面,企業或許有必要發展「綠色」人力資源管理來促進人力資本的蓄積。本研究目的在於檢視企業如何發展環境管理實務,並探討有那些綠色人力資源管理有助於知識活動及人力資本的蓄積,並能進一步導致較佳的環境績效。本研究將於三個不同年度(2010-2012)針對不同來源蒐集資料,包括高階經理人、人力資源主管、單位主管及外部專家,以便作因果推論並避免共同方法變異問題。第一年將針對2009 年5,000大企業中的高階經理人發放問卷,蒐集環境管理實務及可能影響因素的資料;第二年則主要進行人力資源主管的訪談,瞭解實務上對於綠色人力資源管理的作法,並自行發展衡量題項,且經由專業人士審視形成最終問卷,再針對企業人力資源主管發放;第三年則蒐集樣本公司中的單位層次資料,包括知識活動與人力資本;後續再請高階主管填答環境績效的問卷,並由外部專家評量企業環境績效以增進其效度。
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